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Tangled Reindeer Door Hanger

by | Oct 24, 2020

How adorable is this tangled reindeer door hanger? This sweet little guy was a Painter’s Clubhouse exclusive tutorial that we hosted a little while back. Our members were able to showcase their talents by painting the tangled reindeer door hanger with their own unique styles.

Today, I’m so excited to highlight the various talents that we have inside this sisterhood of Painter’s Clubhouse. For those of you that don’t know, my Painter’s Clubhouse is a monthly membership where you can get all kinds of design ideas, technique tutorials, and creative inspiration from like-minded hobby painters and creative business owners.

Several of the featured tangled reindeer door hangers were painted by business owners, so be sure to head to their business pages and show them some love!

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Just Add Glitter

The first way that I saw the tangled reindeer door hanger painted in the Painter’s Clubhouse was by adding glitter to the lights! I absolutely love how Painter’s Clubhouse member Susan Lucas Wiseman added such a fun touch. Way to add some sparkle to your reindeer!

I love adding glitter paints to door hangers! Whether it be to make lights shine like Susan has shown us or to make snowflakes glisten. Glitter paint is a great way to add texture and detail to your door hanger. 

This is just one example of the creative inspiration you will receive in the Painter’s Clubhouse membership. You will be surrounded by others who enjoy crafting and painting too, allowing you to feed off of each other’s ideas. 

Painter’s Clubhouse is filled with exclusive tutorials each month. This tangled reindeer door hanger is just one of those exclusive tutorials. If you’d like access to tutorials like this every month, we’d love to have you join us. 

Susan Lucas Wiseman's Tangled Reindeer Door Hanger

Changing Up the Design

One of the neatest things about painting door hangers is that when two people are given the same blank, they might create two different designs. The next example is proof of that! Joylene Smith at Illusionz Design painted this adorable reindeer lady. Her bow and flower addition instead of tangled lights is just perfect! 


I also love how Joylene made the reindeer two-toned. Doesn’t it pop so perfectly on that mint colored background? I hope that you will check Joylene out on Facebook at Illusionz Design to see all of her latest creations. 

Reindeer Door Hanger by Joylene Smith at Illusionz Design

Showcasing Our Members’ Styles

Of course we can’t talk about these adorable tangled reindeer door hangers without showcasing some more of the great members who painted them!

How cute is Kayla Deckard at Broken Compass Creations with her tangled reindeer door hanger and reindeer headband? We are loving all the festive feels we are getting from her! You can find more of Kayla’s adorable creations here on her website or by liking her page Broken Compass Creations on Facebook.

Kayla Deckard holding painted Tangled Rudolph
Kayla Deckard at Broken Compass Creations

Tangled Reindeer by Angie McHam Valentine
Angie McHam Valentine at Brush Stroke Crafts

We love how Angie at Brush Stroke Crafts painted her tangled reindeer door hanger! Her highlights all over and shading around the ears are literal perfection. 


This adorable little guy will be the perfect addition to someone’s door this Christmas. You can shop Angie’s creations via her Etsy shop – you might even spy this little guy! Be sure to follow along with her on Facebook at Brush Stroke Crafts as well so that you don’t miss any of her latest paintings. 

These are just a few of our Painter’s Clubhouse members. I wish I could spotlight them all because they are so talented!

Many of our members own businesses, and Painter’s Clubhouse provides them with new ideas and inspiration, especially if they find themselves in a creative rut. I love that our “PC Sisterhood” surrounds you with a community that will support and encourage you as you paint. Our motto is “Community Over Competition” because there is so much room in this world for all of us to paint and learn together!

One Last Tangled Reindeer Door Hanger

This is the last tangled reindeer door hanger I have to show you today, but he’s just too cute to pass up. He was painted by Kim Madision at Adoor-Able Kreations and Designs. I encourage you to check out her Facebook page here to see what she’s been painting. You can also shop her Etsy shop here

Don’t you think this tangled reindeer door hanger would be the perfect project for a paint party?! A Christmas-themed paint party, that is. Because if you love painting and community, paint parties are a great thing to offer. 

Painter’s Clubhouse can provide you with inspiration for your paint parties too! We have several members who host paint parties and are posting the door hangers they choose. This is a great opportunity to talk with others who are doing exactly what you are. 

Tangled Reindeer Painted by Kim Skechak Madison

Want To Paint Your Own Tangled Rudolph Reindeer?

The tangled reindeer door hanger was a Painter’s Clubhouse exclusive tutorial. However, if you missed it you can purchase my step-by-step tutorial to painting your own here. With this tutorial you will receive a printable template and a PDF complete with recommended paint colors, a supply list, and links to the video tutorial to recreate it for yourself!

If you’d like more Christmas door hanger options to paint, check out my blog post about painting a Christmas llama door hanger with presents! It’s a great addition to your front door this Christmas season!

Check Out Some Other Door Hangers Our Painter’s Clubhouse Members are Painting:

Speaking of paint parties, this adorable Christmas truck was painted by Pam Savage at Young at Heart Creations. She hosts paint parties and actually used this as one of the door hangers they got to paint. So perfect for the holiday season! 


You can follow along with Pam at Young at Heart Creations on Facebook. She also has a website where you can schedule a paint party, what a fun idea for a girl’s night! 

Red vintage truck with christmas tree by Pam Savage
Christmas Truck painted by Pam Savage at Young at Heart Creations

Gingerbread House Painted by Kayla Deckard
Painted by Kayla Deckard at Broken Compass Creations

Since we’re discussing Christmas door hangers painted by our Painter’s Clubhouse members, check out this adorable gingerbread house! Doesn’t it just put you in the baking spirit? 


This gingerbread house was painted by Kayla Deckard at Broken Compass Creations. You can shop her door hangers directly on her website at www.brokencompasscreations.com.


If you’d like to join Kayla and all of these other amazing artists in Painter’s Clubhouse head to our website to join the waitlist. Painter’s Clubhouse only opens a few times a year, so you won’t want to miss out! 

Our final featured door hanger is this “Let it Snow” door hanger from Painter’s Clubhouse member Marti Trivett. She is the owner of Rise and Shine Craft Corner. You can like her page on Facebook and shop her products on Etsy. 

If you’re like me and this blog has gotten you in the Christmas spirit, be sure to check out some of my other blog post for holiday and winter door hanger inspiration. I have entire blog posts dedicated to Christmas designs and winter door hangers. I even have a blog post dedicated to the nostalgic Christmas trees that you can paint yourself. These would be perfect to create and sell this holiday season or to give as gifts to loved ones. 

Want more? I also have a blog post tutorial of how I painted a penguin family. And if hot chocolate is a special Christmas memory for you too, I have you covered. This blog posts gives you step-by-step instructions of how to paint a peppermint and hot cocoa door hanger! 

Let it Snow Door Hanger Painted by Marti Trivett
Painted by Marti Trivett at Rise and Shine Craft Corner

What Else Are You Getting with Painter’s Clubhouse?

One of the things I’ve heard people say they love about Painter’s Clubhouse is the guest artists that come in to teach new techniques every month. I love learning from these talented women and I know that you will too. 

We’ve had a variety of artists features in Painter’s Clubhouse. Danielle Stringer taught us how to hand letter a door hanger in one tutorial. So many other guest artists have come in to teach a new technique or share a new idea. I love these guest artists because I get to see different styles of painting and build even more community. We even had Amanda come in and teach us how to paint a sunflower door hanger – you will love this tutorial! 

If you want to join a community of artists that will build you up and grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist, then this is the membership for you. Just remember, it only opens a couple times a year, so you’ll want to hop on the waitlist and join as soon as it open. I can’t wait to see you in Painter’s Clubhouse!

And if you’d like to paint this tangled reindeer door hanger, you can find it below in my shop: 

Find It In My Shop:


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Love this reindeer door hanger? Pin it for later:

Tangled Rudolph Reindeer Painted Door Hanger

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