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Sign up for Big Box of Blanks before 7/12/24 at midnight EST to receive Q3's box!


Join the Big Box of Blanks Subscription!

With our Big Box of Blanks subscription, you’ll get three best-selling door hanger designs, the blanks, and the tutorials to go with them every three months. It’s perfect if you want something new for the upcoming season or holidays!

Adorable door hanger designs and expert 
instruction to show you how to make them

…delivered right to your front door.

Get a new batch of door hanger designs that you can’t find anywhere else!

Each design is hand-selected from our best-sellers list, and changes with the seasons, so you know you’ll always have something new and exciting to paint!

Add that to the convenience of having everything you need to complete the project — without having to make a (yet another) last-minute trip to the craft store? Perfection!

The Big Box of Blanks makes creativity convenient so you can do more of it!

How It Works



Every quarter you’ll receive a box with the wooden blanks you need to create three different door hangers!



In addition to your box, you’ll also receive a video tutorial & supply list for each design. Follow along as Tamara shows you how it’s done!



Now comes the fun part! Use the painting tutorial to help guide you as you create your own work of art!

Check Out Last Quarter’s Box!

Imagine what you could create with The Big Box of Blanks!

I love the mystery of what’s in it. I also like the written instructions and color pictures.

– Cindy Ringdahl

I’m so glad I have these. I’m watching my mom while my dad’s out of town. It was so easy just to grab this and my supplies so I would have something to do. 

– Jacqueline

I love that you always have something fun to paint. 

– Venus Appleby

Another BBB done! It’s so much fun just to grab and go sometimes and skip all the rest.

– Chellsee

So excited that I got the Bix Box of Blanks today! I feel like a kid at Christmas time! 

– Ashley

Ready to Paint to Your ❤︎‘s Content?

Sign up for Big Box of Blanks before 7/12/24 at midnight EST to receive Q3's box!

3 18” wood blanks (value: $72)

3 accompanying door hanger supply lists and written instructions (value: $30)

3 accompanying video tutorials (value: $30)

EVERYTHING delivered to your front door (and inbox!)


$132 $75 per quarter

On the fence? Think of it this way…

If you don’t want to cut your own door hanger blanks, this subscription will save you time, which is pretty invaluable right?

Just think about how long it takes to sort through pages and pages on Google, Pinterest, or YouTube, trying to find the right door hanger resources. Not to mention the struggle of finding a video tutorial to match the exact project you’re working on!

But with this subscription, you get everything you need delivered right to your front door (or inbox). No extra work on your end — just sign up and we’ll take care of the rest!

You won’t have to worry about spending hours trying to teach yourself how to do everything either. Each blank has an accompanying video tutorial, which walks you through the entire process, start to finish, step-by-step! 

Plus, more free time means more time for crafts…just sayin’!

Have a few questions first? Let’s get them answered for ya!

Do I get to choose my designs each quarter?

No, each box has pre-selected designs. If you want to choose a different design, you’ll need to purchase the door hanger template and blank from the shop

What types of door hanger blanks do you receive?

With Big Box of Blanks, you get access to exclusive seasonal door hanger designs that you can’t find anywhere else. Depending on the upcoming season, you can expect holiday-themed designs, floral designs, back-to-school designs, just-for-fun designs, and a WHOLE lot more. 

When does the next box ship out?

Please see the ordering deadlines for each box below:

  • Quarter One: Sign-ups from 9/15/24 – 1/19/24
  • Quarter Two: Sign-ups from 1/20/24 – 4/12/24
  • Quarter Three: Sign-ups from 4/13/24 – 7/12/24
  • Quarter Four: Sign-ups from 7/13/24 – 10/11/24
When will I receive my subscription box?

All boxes will be shipped on, or near, the 1st day of each quarter — January, April, July, and October.

Do I need to renew my subscription each quarter?

No need to manually renew your subscription. It will automatically renew each quarter. If you would like to cancel, you can contact my team and I at info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com.

What you get…

Ready to Get Your Door Hanger Blanks?

Sign up for Big Box of Blanks before 7/12/24 at midnight EST to receive Q3's box!