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How to Hand Letter a Door Hanger ​

by | Sep 5, 2020

Hey you guys! I told you we would start sharing some guests posts from talented artists in our community and today I’m excited to do just that! Danielle Stringer, from Imperfect Dust is going to share with us how she uses her traceable templates to hand letter on one of our wooden door hangers. This technique is perfect to hand letter door hangers, wreath accessories, or even wooden home decor signs for your wall. You’re going to love what Danielle has for us, so let’s dive right in! 

Danielle Stringer with hand lettered church door hanger
This is the 20 inch version of the blank we are hand lettering today.

Hand Letter Door Hangers with Danielle at Imperfect Dust

Hey y’all! This is Danielle with Imperfect Dust!

If you are lost on where to begin lettering your door hanger, traceables can provide you with a nice little hack until you are comfortable with free-handing. 

For a full video demonstration, check out this Facebook Live video where Tamara allowed me to be a guest on her page.

For this project you will need the following supplies: 

Supply List

  1. Southern A-Door-nments Blank Church
  2. Graphite Paper
  3. Imperfect Dust Traceable 
  4. Paint Pen 

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Church Door Hanger supplies

Let’s Take it a Step at a Time

Step 1: Paint your SAD church blank a solid color. I chose white and distressed the edges by sanding them slightly. The size I am using is the 12 inch size. (Tamara’s note – the 12-inch option is a great size for hanging up decor on your wall – wouldn’t these look perfect in your hallway or living room gallery wall?)

Step 2: Place your graphite paper on your blank with the shiny side facing down.

graphite paper and pencil

Step 3: Place your template on top of the graphite paper. Secure both the graphite paper and traceable with tape or by folding it over the edge of the blank.

Church door hanger with handlettering

Step 4: Use a pencil to trace over the design. This transfers the design to your blank. If you are new to lettering, I suggest tracing all the edges of the design. If you’re a veteran you can trace the “bones” of the letters and thicken your downstrokes with the paint pen later.

Danielle Stringer tracing hand lettering template

Step 5: Remove your traceable and graphite paper to reveal the transferred design. Then, remove any smudges from the graphite paper with your big pink eraser.

How to Trace Handlettering using graphite paper on a blank

Step 6: Use a paint pen to trace back over your penciled design. Again, notice the down strokes are thicker. This is how you create faux calligraphy!

Church blank with black hand lettering

Step 7: Let the paint dry and show off your hand lettered church by tagging me on Facebook! You can find me at Imperfect Dust – Hand Lettered Art by Danielle.

Interested in More Traceable Designs?

If you are interested in more traceable templates for your door hangers, I have a subscription called Digital Dust that provides ten new traceables each month.

Wanting to Improve Your Hand Lettering Skills?

If you would rather up your free-handed lettering game, my Online Lettering Class may be a better fit for you! In it, I teach the faux calligraphy method that I use on my wood signs. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn with me today!


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Hand Letter a Door Hanger with Danielle on Facebook

If you already follow me on facebook, you might have already seen Danielle’s live video showing how she hand lettered this adorable door hanger! If not, take a look to see each step in the video below! 

Thank you so much Danielle for taking the time to teach us how to hand letter a door hanger today! I hope that you give this wooden church door hanger a try too. Don’t forget that you can find the supplies in the links above and  grab the door hanger blank or template from my online store. Happy crafting! 

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How to Letter A Painted Door Hanger Hack by Danielle Stringer for Southern A-DOOR-nments

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