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Christmas Llama with Gifts Door Hanger

by | Dec 23, 2020

Christmas Llama Door Hanger and Tamara Bennett from Southern A-Door-nments

Looking for some bright and cheery non-traditional Christmas decor? How adorable is this Christmas Llama door hanger packing some presents? I painted this sweet little guy back in July on Facebook live as a celebration for Christmas in July!

Today, I’m so excited to walk you through exactly how I painted this Christmas llama door hanger! He’d look great on your classroom door or for a llama lover’s bedroom!

Supply List

  1. Christmas Llama Door Hanger Template
  2. – OR – Christmas Llama Door Hanger Blank
  3. Paint Brushes
  4. Sponge Pouncer
  5. Posca Paint Pens

And DecoArt Matte Acrylic Americana Paints:

  1. Zinc
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Dark Chocolate
  5. Sea Aqua
  6. Dove Grey
  7. True Red
  8. Foliage Green 
  9. Festive Green
  10. Desert Sand

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Getting Started on the Christmas Llama Door Hanger

DecoArt Paint Colors Used to paint the Christmas Llama Door Hanger

Since there are so many details on our Christmas llama door hanger, I opted for an etched blank. The etched blank makes painting simple as the etched lines act as a paint by number guide. 

If you decide to cut your own blank at home, I also have the template and digital cut file for sale in my shop! 

Maybe this is the first time you’re painting a door hanger. If so, I am so glad that you’re here! I want to encourage you to check out my free ebook that will inform you of everything you need to get started. 

Let’s Start Painting

To start I painted the llama with my one inch flat tip brush using dove gray! I painted his legs using desert sand, and his feet and ears I painted using the color zinc. 

Next, I painted the hat and the half oval of the saddle white. These are base colors for the patterns I will add on later. 

One of the things I love about this Christmas Llama door hanger is that it’s a mix of so many colors and patterns that blend so well.

In my Painter’s Clubhouse membership, we often discuss different techniques and patterns that look good together when painting. My PC sisters are a group of artists growing their skills and focusing on community over competition. If this sounds like something you’d love to be apart of, head to my website and hop on the waitlist. Painter’s Clubhouse is only open a few times a year so you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to join!

Southern A-Door-nments Paint Brushes Used for the Christmas Llama

Painting the Presents

Let’s get back to painting! 

Next, we paint the top present box and bow red, then also the rectangular part beneath the second present and the inner part of the saddle. You can refer to the picture of my Christmas llama door hanger to see which areas I am referring to!

Use sea aqua to paint the second box, then paint the ribbon on it using foliage green paint. Don’t these two colors go beautifully together?

Now it’s time to add some stripes – anyone else love the stripe pattern? Paint red stripes along the llama’s hat and sea aqua stripes along the white part of the saddle. 

Next you’re going to mix some white with your red paint to create an almost pink dot that will be used on the top present box. Use a sponge pouncer for these dots. 

To add the small green dots to the bottom of your saddle, use festive green on a round tip brush. 

Details on the Christmas Llama Door Hanger

Let’s Add Some Pompoms

Christmas Llama Brush Cleaning Station

I really do love this take on a non-traditional Christmas door hanger. If you’re looking for other Christmas door hangers to paint, I wrote an entire blog posts on different door hangers for Christmas available in my shop, be sure to check it out!

Now back to our Christmas llama door hanger! We need to add some pompoms to that cute little saddle. A sponge pouncer will also be nice for this part, but you could use a round tip brush as well. The pompoms are painted on in sea aqua. 

Before we move on to our details, I also want to tell you about the adorable tangled reindeer door hanger blog post we recently wrote. Remember me telling you about Painter’s Clubhouse and how you should join? 

We wrote a whole blog post featuring some tangled reindeer that members of our Painter’s Clubhouse had created. We love them and we hope that you will too! 

The Finishing Details

Finally, it’s time to add some details! It’s crazy the difference that simple little details can make on your door hanger.

For starters, I outlined the boxes and saddle with a round tip brush and black paint. You could use a Posca Paint Pen for this too though. 

I used the black paint pen to outline my entire door hanger, then I went back and added some highlights to it with the white paint pen. 

These details really make your door hanger pop! 

I also outlined my pompoms and highlighted them to make them pop! 

I hope you enjoyed following along with me as I painted the Christmas llama door hanger. You can find other tools if you’re a beginner door hanger painter here. 

Posca Paint Pens used for details on the Christmas LLama

Catch the Replay on Facebook

If you missed me painting this door hanger on Facebook live, then you can catch the replay below. To catch more of my Facebook Live videos so you can paint with me, be sure to like my Facebook page. I can’t wait to paint with you again!

Love this llama door hanger? Pin it for later:

Christmas Llama DIY Painted Door Hanger - Holiday Porch Decor by Southern A-DOOR-nments

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