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Grab Your Door Hanger

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Door Hanger Resources

What kind of wood do you use?

I use the RevolutionPly from Lowes. It’s a ¼” or 5mm Poplar Plywood Underlayment. I also use 1/4″ MDF.

Where can I get wooden blanks?

I sell them in my shop actually! My team and I cut and sand everything ourselves, right here in our home workshop!

>>Shop door hanger blanks

How do I hang up my door hangers?

I use jute string! I tie the string to the bow. I know it’s hard to explain in words, so I created a tutorial for you to watch below to see how it’s done!

>>Click here to watch a tutorial

Once you’ve watched the tutorial, you can grab my favorite jute string below!

>>Shop jute string here

How do you attach your bows to the door hanger?

I staple them to the door hanger, directly under the ribbon where you can’t see it! P.S. — burlap ribbon makes it SO MUCH easier to do this.

>>Shop burlap ribbon here

Where can I find ribbon?

Good ribbon is hard to find. It’s even harder to find unique patterns and colors. If you need a good place to purchase ribbon, go see what Deco Exchange has in stock! But keep in mind that It changes weekly, so if you don’t see what you need, check back later!

>>Shop ribbon here

Paint Party Business Essentials

Do I really need a staple gun?

If you don’t own a staple gun, you are missing out! I didn’t realize how many projects I would use this on until I got one. Need a recommendation? I use the Stanley TR45 Light Duty Staple Gun, which you can grab at the link below!

>>Get the staple gun here

How can I ship out my door hangers?

You can grab some free priority mailboxes from the post office, or I use 18x18x2″ boxes. I get them on Amazon.

>>Shop boxes here

What if I want to record tutorials to show people how to paint the door hangers?

I’d recommend using a mount that holds your phone so you can go hands-free as you paint!

I use an Arkon Mount. If you purchase through the link below, you can get 20% off yours! Just use code TAMARA.

>>Purchase your Arkon mount here

Painting Accessories

What kind of paint do you use?

I use DecoArt paint, specifically the Americana Matte Acrylic, on all of my projects. If you are looking to buy a few colors and need a good variety, they’ve got you covered!

>>Shop DecoArt Paint here

What kind of brushes do you use?

I use different brushes for different things, but I always prefer them to have nylon bristles. You can see all my favs over in my shop!

>>Shop paint brushes here

????But if you need to make the perfect polka dot, or need to paint on a stencil, sponge pouncers are the best! This pack has 50 pouncers in 4 different sizes.

>>Shop sponge pouncers here

What do you seal the door hangers with after you paint them?

I have multiple favorites, but my overall go-to is the Rustoleum Lacquer. It has a nice even shine!

>>Shop spray sealers here

What kind of paint pens do you use?

The Uni Posca Paint Pens are always a go-to. I have a set of both white and black in all three sizes.

>>Shop Uni Posca Paint Pens here

????If you want a more affordable option, I recommend Artistro paint markers!

>>Shop Artistro Paint Markers here

Anything else you recommend?

If you prefer to “write out” your hand lettering before painting it, I recommend using a charcoal pencil! The one below is a favorite because the white charcoal doesn’t show through the paint like a pencil does.

>>Shop pencils here

????Stencils are perfect to cut on a Cricut or Silhouette machine to make your own stencils! These make it SUPER easy to paint patterns like chevron, cheetah print, quatrefoil, and more.

>>Shop stencil blanks here

????If you struggle with outlining or adding cute details to door hangers, try refillable writer bottles! You can write by just squeezing out the paint as you go — it’s quick and easy.

>>Shop writer bottles here


What kind of jigsaw or blades do you use?

I use a cordless Ryobi for my jigsaw and 20tpi scrolling blades. However, there are several great options I’d recommend, which you can see with the link below!

>>Shop jigsaw and blades here

What kind of sander do you use?

I’ve used a cordless mouse sander with 80grit sandpaper for almost 3 years now and I still love it! The sanding pads are Velcro, the pointed tip lets you get in tight places and it’s easy to hold! However the are are tons of great options available at the link below if you want to explore some options.

>>Shop sanders here

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Feel free to email me and my team at info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com and we’ll get your questions answered ASAP!

Do I need a template or a blank? What's the difference?

A door hanger wood blank is already cut for you! A door hanger template, on the other hand, is one that you cut yourself. You’ll need a wood-cutting tool for that, so check out my Tools section above!

Not sure how to cut your own blanks? We have a whole tutorial here!

What does “etched” and “no etching” mean?

An etched wood blank has designs or grooves cut into the wood to better guide your painting! A non-etched blank is just a flat wooden cutout that you can paint “freestyle.”

Where can I access my template downloads?

You’ll have access to your template downloads via email. If you didn’t receive your template delivery via email, please reach out to us at info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com.

Want to get in touch with Tamara (I love mail!)?

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