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Get access to new door hanger templates every month — for 84% off — before they hit the public!

Coming up with new designs for your paint parties, craft shows, and favorite hobbies just got a whole lot easier!

Stuck coming up with new ideas for your door hanger templates? This membership has you covered.

With 20+ new designs available each month, you’ll never run out of ideas! Plus, you’ll get a MASSIVE discount on door hanger templates you already wanted to purchase. It’s a win-win!

How it works

On the first of every month, you’ll have access to my newest template designs, before they hit the shop and are available to the public. You’ll be able to download your templates in one central location, as soon as they go live to members.

Each template comes in JPEG, PDF, SVG, DXF, and EPS plus a color “mock-up” of how the design could be painted for bonus inspiration!

These are perfect for beginners since they have traceable lines and lettering! They also work well with CNCs or laser-cutting machines. Just download the file and upload it to your machine!

Template Designs Include:




Special occasions


If you love making door hanger templates, but don’t want to spend hours searching for cute new designs (or spend a ton of money on them either), then this is the club for you!


Ready to Join the Club?



Per Month



Per Year

Save $42 on your membership!

*Payment will automatically pull, and you will receive access to downloads on the 1st of each month.

Let’s Break it Down: 

One template at retail price 
= $7.00


20 templates (a typical month inside the club) = $140


20 templates every month for a year = $1,680


With the Template Club, you get ALL the templates for just $42 each month.


That’s over $1,100 in savings every single year — or $98 every month!

This membership practically pays for itself!

With over 1,000 template designs and counting, you’ll have beautiful new designs for whatever the occasion calls for! And for a fraction of the price.

Are you a business owner? These templates are great if you’re looking for fresh new designs to offer at your paint parties…which means this purchase can be a business expense, too!

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

What if I can’t use all of the templates each month?

You don’t have to work through all the templates every month. Simply download them when they become available, and you’ll have them ready whenever you are!

I’m not sure I can afford this…

With the potential to save $1,000+ each year, if you’re someone who buys door hangers pretty frequently, this membership will pay for itself!

Are your wooden blanks included in the monthly investment?

No, only the printable templates are included. But if you don’t want to cut them yourself, I do have wooden blanks available in my shop. (Grab ‘em here!)

How do I download my templates?

You will be able to download your templates within 48 hours after payment is processed. You will receive an email containing a link to download your templates. If you do not have your templates by the 4th of the month, please email info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! If you wish to cancel, just email us at info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com and we will help you through the process.

Can I keep the templates I get if I cancel?

Any templates downloaded before your membership is canceled are yours to keep forever! However, If you do cancel, just be sure you’ve downloaded all of your templates FIRST. Templates may not be available for download after your membership ends.

When will my payments be processed?

Your payment will be processed on the first day of every month. 

For example, if you sign up on January 24th, your payment will be processed immediately and you will receive the January templates. Then, on February 1st, your payment will be processed again and you will receive the February templates. 

If your payment is declined,  your templates will be delayed until payment is received. If your payment is declined after three tries, your subscription will be canceled.

Do I get access to past months’ templates?

Past months can be purchased at template club prices after you subscribe by emailing info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com.

Can I use these designs in my business to sell or teach at paint parties?

Yes! You are allowed to sell the completed door hangers from these templates and teach these designs at paint parties.

Got What You Need? Join the Club now!

Hey Y’all,

I’m Tamara!

In 2015, I started this business as a way to save my sanity while my husband was on deployment in Afghanistan. Little did I know, this hobby of mine would one day support my family in ways I could never imagine.

Teaching other women how to make their own door hangers brings me so much joy! I love creating things with each and every one of you because when I started out, I wasn’t an expert either. So watching people turn into confident crafters is so beautiful, because I know exactly how you feel, and I know what’s possible when you trust the process!

If you’re looking for a creative hobby or a way to turn your talents into a business like I did, I’m so happy you’re here.

– Tamara