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Intimidated by the thought of painting your own door hangers?

Everything you need to build your painting confidence is inside The Painter’s Clubhouse!

You want to learn how to make your own door hangers. It even seems like loads of fun, but…you have no idea where to start — you’ve never even picked up a paintbrush before!

Does this sound like you?

➡ You think you can’t create super cute art without being a full-blown artist.

➡ You think only “really talented” people can paint.

➡ You think you don’t have a “creative bone” in your body.

Be honest…have you ever caught yourself saying these things?

Well, I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true.

I am a firm believer that anyone can learn if they have the desire to learn. That means YOU too! If you’re willing and have an open mind you too can learn how to create adorable, affordable, seasonal door hangers. No matter your skill level.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been in your shoes.

I started painting for fun as a way to keep my sanity while my husband was on deployment in Afghanistan. I NEVER thought I would be talented enough to start a business teaching others how to create door hangers, too.

I just knew I was having fun doing it…so I kept doing it…and over time, I got better. I grew my skills by practicing and having FUN.

And friend, I know you can do this too. With a little support, a little guidance, and some practice, you too can create beautiful door hangers you’ll be proud to display in your home, on your porch, or to give as gifts (and maybe even sell one day!).

Join the Painter’s Clubhouse and get everything you need — yes, even if you’re a beginner!

What Can You Expect From a Group Like This?

The Painter’s Clubhouse is a special place you can visit to immerse yourself in door-hanger creation. It’s full of other crafters, aspiring artists, and small business owners just like you.

Our Clubhouse is a place where you can…

✨ Come for inspiration.

✨ Ask questions when you’re struggling.

✨ Proudly share what you’re working on.

✨ Learn and gain confidence in your craft.

You’ll have support and encouragement along the way, no matter what we’re working on!


Everything You’ll Get Inside Painter’s Clubhouse

My Signature Door Hanger Beginner’s Course

This course is included with your Painter’s Clubhouse membership, and will guide you step-by-step through painting your first door hanger! You’ll learn what supplies to buy, which brushes to use, how to use templates, stencils, and more. After the beginner’s course, you’ll be ready to take on any tutorial in the Painter’s Clubhouse library!

BONUS Tutorials From Guest Artists 

Each month, we’ll have one guest artist join us inside the clubhouse to teach you something new! Examples of guests we’ve had in the past include hand lettering artists, fellow door hanger makers, crafting extraordinaires, and so many more. If you need to feed your creative side, this group has more than enough opportunities to do so!

A Growing Resource Library Full of Tutorials

Not only are you getting instruction from Tamara on how to create your own door hangers, but you’ll also get access to a resource library (that’s always growing) filled with hundreds of tutorials from both guest instructors and past projects!

A Community to Cheer You On

Learning a new skill can be intimidating, and crafting can be lonely if you don’t have a support system. When you join the Painter’s Clubhouse, you’ll be blown away at how helpful this community of generous, kind, and friendly women can be. You’ll now have a place to share your creations, where others can give you feedback and cheer you on!

Zoom Paint Parties

Whether you’re working on designs to sell at your next craft show or just painting something for yourself, it’s way more fun to paint with friends! So once a month, we get together on Zoom. It’s a great time to kick back and relax, or learn a few new things from fellow members!

Exclusive Access to New Content Each Month

Every month, I’ll teach you a door hanger technique! Plus, you’ll get two new templates, new tutorials, and TONS of other fun bonuses!

“A year with Tamara’s tutorials and my skill has definitely blossomed! This is a truck I designed 6 years ago and my technique remained pretty much the same. Tamara has helped me grow my personal style into a more whimsical style that I love!!!” – Melinda Allcorn

“I love painter’s clubhouse and this encouraging community. Painting is calming and relaxing. Tamara is so super supportive, kind and helpful to everyone.” – Myra Sowder

“I’m an introvert, shy and a home body. I have made some really good friends in the clubhouse, have started going live on my page and have gained so much confidence…best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” – Marie Mosley
“We’ve made ends meet the last couple of months with my door hangers.” – Cindy Hodges Wilson

Ready to Join the Club?

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What if I’ve never painted before?

You don’t need ANY painting, crafting, or artistic experience to join Painter’s Clubhouse! You will learn step-by-step how to get started and we will guide you as you go. I truly mean it when I say that anyone can learn. 

What if I can’t cut my own door hanger?

If you aren’t able or do not wish to cut your own door hangers, we have a special 20% discount code that members can use at any time to purchase items in the shop!

What if I’m not sure I can do this?

You don’t have to be confident right now! You just need to be willing to give it a try. Trust that I am confident in my ability to teach you!

What if I don’t want to sell my door hangers? What if I just want to join for fun?

You don’t have to sell your door hangers to be a part of The Painter’s Clubhouse. Anyone is welcome to join — whether that’s to learn how to create something extra you can sell, to start a new creative hobby, or something in between!

Will you teach me how to sell my door hangers?

While I, along with some of my guests, will offer nuggets of wisdom when it comes to selling what you create inside the Painter’s Clubhouse, this is not a business coaching group. There is some overlap between the two, but our main focus is on learning how to create the door hangers. 

Got What You Need? Join the Club now!