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Creative Ways to Use a Door Hanger Template

by | Jun 14, 2022

various projects created using a door hanger template

Wood Block Sign

wood block sign with lips and polka dots

This wood block sign was the first of many projects I did showing how to use a template. I just grabbed a piece of scrap wood and used the 6 inch PDF template from my shop. This wooden sign would be so cute on a side table, mantle, shelf, or tiered tray. You can find the step-by-step tutorial for this wood block sign on my blog.

Tiered Tray Decor

Two puppies on a wooden background with a heart that says "I woof you"

The Puppy Love template was used to create this adorable puppy love tiered tray decor. I picked up the mini pallet used for the background for this design from the Dollar Tree and just painted it white. I love finding crafting supplies at the Dollar Tree and turning them into adorable pieces like this. If you want to recreate this Puppy Love Tiered Tray Decor yourself, you can read the tutorial on my blog.

Acrylic Frame Decor

Tamara Bennett at Southern A-Door-nments Decor with Finished DIY Acrylic Frame

For this project where I used the Faith Can Move Mountains template. It might be one of my favorites! It looks like a painted window and will look so pretty hanging on the wall. I got the acrylic frame from Hobby Lobby for only $9.99. If you want to watch the replay or read how to recreate this acrylic frame decor for yourself, you can read my blog post, “Using a Template with an Acrylic Frame.”

Template Design on Wood

template tutorial finished project held by Tamara Bennett

This DIY project was so fun! I had my doubts that it would work, but I saw a TikTok video using a printed image and Mod Podge to adhere it to wood. I don’t really like Mod Podge so I used cling wrap, a printed template, and parchment paper to achieve this look and I love it! You can read about how to transfer your template design to wood on my blog.

Paint on Canvas

Tamara holding the canvas with the Easter Truck design

I painted this Easter truck template on canvas and loved how simple using a template on canvas was. This would be great for kids who want to paint on canvas but would prefer some guidelines or a picture to paint. Just use the template and graphite paper to transfer the design to canvas and start painting. Read the step-by-step tutorial of how I painted on canvas with a template on my blog.

Garden Flag

Tamara holding a Spring truck Garden Flag made with a template

How adorable is this Spring Truck template used on the garden flag? I loved the idea of using a template to customize a garden flag so much and this one was perfect for Spring. Find a template for summer, fall, and winter and change the flag out for every season. Find out what supplies you need and how to paint this for yourself on the blog!

Shop My Templates

I have so many templates in my shop at www.shopdoorhangers.com. You can find templates for every occasion, season, hobby, and much more. Whether your painting a door hanger or using a template for a DIY project the possibilities are endless. Do you want some free templates to practice with before you purchase a template from my shop? Visit my FREE template library!


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