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Using a Printable Template to Make a Valentine Wood Block Sign

by | Jan 20, 2022

Supply List

  1. Valentine Kiss Template
  2. Scrap Block of Wood
  3. Graphite Paper
  4. 1 inch flat tip brush
  5. Small round tip brush
  6. Liner Brush
  7. Artistro Pens
  8. Sponge Pouncer

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Where to Find a Printable Template

In my online shop, www.shopdoorhangers.com, I sell a variety of templates. Typically the templates are used to paint door hangers, but they can be used for so many different things. Today we’re going to use a template to make a wooden sign. This wooden sign will be so cute on a side table, your mantle, a shelf, or even a tiered tray.

Painting the Background

I grabbed a piece of scrap wood for this project and used the 6 inch PDF template from my shop. I shrunk the template down by scaling it at 70% when I went to print it so that it fit on my wood block. I then painted my wooden block white all over to give myself a solid background to work with.

Now that you’ve given the wood sign a solid background, you are going to paint the background again using the color Cactus Flower with a one inch flat tip brush. Add some white paint to the block and paint over the pink to give it a shaded look. Grab a round tip brush and white paint to paint the Xs and Os on the background of the wood block. These can look messy!

four bottles of paint used to paint the wood sign

Using a Printable Template to Paint the Wood Sign

Next, grab your graphite paper and your template printed out in black and white. Place the graphite paper shiny side down on top of the wood block and place your template on top. Using a ball point pen, trace over the lips on your template.

Using a round tip brush and the color Tomato Red, paint over the outside edges of the lips and the center part where the lips meet. Add some of the Watermelon Slice color to the lips and gradually add in some of the Cactus Flower to lighten it. Add one quick coat to the center lines of the lips again, then add some light pink to the bottom and top parts of the lips.

Add the Final Details

Once the highlights are dry on your sign you’re going to grab a medium point Artistro Pen in white to paint the accent marks on the lips. Then using the fine point Artistro pen in white, add some highlight lines. Switch to the fine point Artistro pen in black and add some outline lines to your wood block. These lines might seem small, but they really change the look of your entire piece. 

Once you’re done adding the highlight lines, paint the edges of the wood block Black. Using a sponge pouncer add white dots to the edges of your wood block to add a little pattern and make the lips pop even more. 

Tamara using a sponge pouncer to add dots to the sides of a wood block

Catch the Replay

I’m doing a whole series of ways to use my printable templates available in my shop. You can follow along when I feature new ways to use templates every Tuesday either by watching the live video on my Facebook page or catching the replay on YouTube. I’m so excited to share with you all the creative ways that you can use these templates! If you missed me going live for this tutorial catch the replay below! 

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