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Painter’s Clubhouse Live: The Power of Community for Creativity

by | Apr 30, 2024

Creativity is NOT a solo endeavor! 

Although there are technically no rules, I live by this. Because I truly believe that we’re so much better when we work together. 

We can help one another get over sticking points, offer help and support as we learn something new, and most importantly, make new friends and be there for each other through every phase of life!

Painting door hangers is so much fun, but I love the work I do because it’s made me so many new friends and has helped others do the same. 

There’s power in community for us creatives, and I want to share more about why. In this post, I’ll share with you how a recent event reminded me of this truth!

Enter: Painter’s Clubhouse Live

I’ve been doing live, in-person events for a few years now, but this year was the first time I’ve hosted the Painter’s Clubhouse Live event.

This was a weekend-long meetup at my shop in Kentucky, where members of the Clubhouse could come together for a weekend of painting and crafting. And of course, have the chance to meet other members and make new friends!

I’m happy to say…it went so well, and I think it perfectly highlights why a creative community is so important! 

A place for crafting and community

In total, we had 45 women from 15 different states come to paint with us. They even got to shop our Big Blank Blowout sale and tour the woodshop! 

And because it was in my hometown, it felt small and intimate, and I really got to know each of the attendees better. 

I think my favorite part was seeing how the women had bonded with one another. There were a couple of ladies that didn’t know each other before this event, but they took the long road trip from Texas to Kentucky together. Another couple traveled from NC to KY and many more have made plans to meet up at SA LIVE together. Making friends can be difficult as you grow older, but events like these have helped these women find their sisterhood!

I’m always touched to see how much of an impact events like this have on us creatives. 

I remember getting my start with door hangers. I was in a group of friends who were coming together for nothing more than to have some fun and relax. Not trying to be perfect at what we were doing, but just enjoying the moment.  And it’s really cool to see that happening for these crafters at these live events!

Come with us to the next live event!

While Painter’s Clubhouse is over, we’re all looking forward to the next event — SA Live in the Smokies!

I’m so glad we were all able to meet up and enjoy each other’s company before being at a bigger event with more people. And I know that so many of these women have made friends they’re excited to see at SA Live, too!

But that excitement isn’t just for Clubhouse members. You can come to SA Live and experience all the fun, all the crafts, and all the community, too!

Tickets go back on sale on May 3rd, and will be available for $50 off until May 12th! This will also be your last chance to use the payment plan option on tickets. 

Set a reminder for May 3rd so you can secure your spot! It’s two days full of painting and crafting workshops and plenty of chances to make new friends. We’re also opening up a fun excursion to Dollywood! You don’t want to miss it. 

In the meantime, you can learn about SA Live here.


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