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Southern A-Door-nments Live 2023 Recap

by | Oct 27, 2023

Another year has come and gone, and that’s a wrap on Southern A-Door-nments Live 2023 in Destin, Florida! This was our 4th event and without a doubt our best one yet! The crafts were so fun, the attendees were unforgettable and my whole family came this year (even my brother and dad!) It’s hard to put into words what this event does for me and my community. It’s so special to have everyone in the same room. There’s so much joy, kindness and friendship. These women have found a passion for painting that has enriched their lives in so many ways. This community gives them the confidence to be themselves and own their inner artist. It fills my cup to hear their stories and see the delight on their face when they complete a project! Did you miss out on the 2023 event? Let’s recap! 

2023 southern a-door-nments live recap!

What Happens at Southern A-Door-nments Live

If you’ve been to or heard of the my event in the past two years, you’ve probably heard me raving about the most amazing emcee, her name is Coach Kiah. She is a friend of mine that I met through a children friend. She is so outgoing, energetic, and magnetic. I don’t even know else to explain it, but she’s a gem of a human and she will inspire you to change your life. She’s so full of energy and she’s even coming back next year! If you’ve been around her you know the excitement that she brings with her to the live event and I can’t wait to have her back! 

southern adoornments decor SA Live event

We created so many fun and creative projects together at the live event this year! The very first morning we painted a door hanger together with some 3D attachments. It featured an adorable little banner and 3D pumpkin.

Guest Artists at SA Live

One of my favorite parts of SA Live is bringing in guest artists. I love learning from others, so bringing in other creatives to teach is so much fun to me! Cindy Manly from Art Shattered came and taught us how to create poinsettias with resin! She started by teaching us how to do the shading, then we added beautiful gold beads and poured resin over them. They were absolutely stunning! I can confirm, that Cindy will be back for 2024. She is the only guest presenter thus far that I have for sure locked down for the next event. 

Kasey Hope from P’Zazz Art Studio taught the next class. She kind of tag-teamed this project with Erica Wallace. Kasey taught how to do the lettering on the project with the brush strokes or paint pen marker strokes, and then you would take your journal to Erica’s class and she would teach how to do florals around it. These journals were for attendees to keep and practice art on the inside of. I can’t wait to see how they use these journals and what they create! 

Other Fun & Activities at SA Live

Lauren Martin taught a project that was a picture frame with an attachment. It had a cute little six inch witch hat attachment at the top, then a clip for you to clip in a photo. Pam Savage taught a lesson on how to do a three layered snowman ornament. This was three different pieces that we painted and then glued together. All the guest artists did such a great job at bringing some fun and unique projects to the table. I loved creating with them!

snowman ornament on a pink background

In addition to the all the art projects we did together at the SA Live event, it was so much fun hanging out with attendees at the resort. One night we even sang karaoke which was completely unplanned but so much fun! The hotel had this event planned and every few minutes another one of our attendees would get up and sing. It was such a great atmosphere as we took turns singing and hyping each other up and a perfect, unexpected way to end the event! 

I wish so badly I could share every single detail and fun thing that happened at Southern A-Door-nments Live 2023 in Destin, but you really did just have to be there. If you want to hear more about the great time that we had be sure to watch my recap video and learn more about the 2024 Southern A-Door-nments Live event. It truly is an event like nothing else, I’m already ready for the next one! 

Where’s the 2024 SA Live Event? 

Speaking of the next one, what is in store for Southern A-Door-nments Live 2024? We are going to be staying at the Wilderness at the Smokey’s Hotel and hanging out at the Sevierville Convention Center in Sevierville, Tennessee. We have already sold more than half of our tickets to next year’s event and spots are limited so if you’re ready to join us and don’t wait much longer we might be sold out. Sign up for our email list and get all the details on the SA Live Event as we plan throughout the year!

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