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Get the Inside Scoop on the Painter’s Clubhouse With Member Lauren Martin

by | Apr 23, 2024

Have you ever wondered what it was like to join the Painter’s Clubhouse? Well, my friend, you are in for a treat! Because I’m bringing you the inside scoop, straight from one of our members herself!

Lauren Martin, my good friend of over 13 years, fellow door hanger maker, and owner of That Cute Porch, and I sat down recently to discuss all things Painter’s Clubhouse.

I’m sharing it with you now so you can see just how special this group is and how helpful it can be for growing not only your painting skills, but your self-confidence, too. 

Watch the full video below, or catch the notes in this post!

Meet Lauren Martin

Like I said, Lauren and I go way back. We first met because our husbands used to work together in our small Kentucky town. Back in those days, before Southern Adoornments Decor was even a thing, we spent a lot of our free time crafting together while the kids played together. 

Now, not only is she a wife, mother, and first-grade teacher, but she’s also grown so much as a crafter! She now paints and works on all kinds of fun projects over on That Cute Porch, and she’s even joined the Southern Adoornments Decor Design team, where she helps create our weekly template drops!

Lauren, Tamara and a friend holding their easter door hangers from the early crafting days
Here’s me and Lauren in our early crafting days!

Why Lauren waited to join the Painter’s Clubhouse

But Lauren didn’t join the Painter’s Clubhouse until 2022 — nearly four years after it started! So…what took her so long? 

“I didn’t think I had time to join. When it started, I had a one-year-old and was finishing my master’s degree. By that point, I had stopped crafting regularly anyway. When we moved from western Kentucky, when we were close to you, I stopped crafting. Making time and space for it while trying to find a new normal was tough. 

Plus, I thought doing it online wasn’t the same as in person. But I was wrong. Eventually I did join, and I saw that there was so much camaraderie and community. You get a different sense of ‘hurrah’ being in this group because when you share what you’ve made, they get it, and they want to cheer you on. And it makes you want to do it more often!”

How Lauren makes time for crafting now

When I asked Lauren how she fits time for crafting now, after spending time in the Painter’s Clubhouse, she said,

“After the kids are in bed, I sneak downstairs to my craft room, sometimes for 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or an hour. I’ll work on the same project two or three nights in a row because I’m fitting in time for it when I can. 

It’s nice taking time to do something other than the laundry, the dishes, or the housework…the mundane stuff. It’s helped me take time for myself. That’s what I learned inside the Painter’s Clubhouse.”

Lauren Martin presenting at the SA Live event

Here’s Lauren teaching a session at SA Live in Destin!

How the Painter’s Clubhouse helped her come out of her shell

The Painter’s Clubhouse didn’t just show her the importance of “me time” — it also helped Lauren come out of her shell!

“I attended my first SA Live event in Dallas in 2022. It was also the first time I had flown alone, so I was nervous. The first day, I was really shy and didn’t get out of my comfort zone at all. I stayed in the same seat and talked only to those around me. 

But then at the Pajama Party, I decided to walk around and socialize, which ended up being great for me. I met so many great people!

And then when I came home I kept at it — kept painting and making time for it. Eventually, I asked you if I could teach inside the Painter’s Clubhouse, which I ended up doing a few times, and then joined the design team. 

It all snowballed, and then when we went to SA Live in Destin last year, I knew SO MANY people. I didn’t sit in the same seat at any of the sessions. In fact, I talked so much to people during them that I didn’t even finish some of my projects!

It’s nice because being a part of Painter’s Clubhouse, and being active in it, gave me so many new connections and it truly feels like part of a community. Not just crafting or painting, but being active, and it gave me the confidence to do all these things and meet all these people.”

How crafting fits in her life now

Painting and crafting have once again become a big part of Lauren’s life. When I asked her how what she’s learned inside of the Clubhouse has bled over into other areas of her life, she said,

“I craft a lot more with my kids now. I’ve always been artsy and have liked to craft, but now I feel like I can be intentional with my kids because I know what I need to do. 

I can take templates, print them out from the paper, and work with the kids to do them on Canvas or a small wooden blank from Dollar Tree. I can help them be better artists because I know how to teach them now. 

I have also brought these skills into my classroom! We’ve always done crafts, but now I’ve created more opportunities for the kids and have been able to help them have new experiences with them.”

Lauren’s goals for 2024

And finally…what are Lauren’s goals for 2024?

“That’s hard to answer because when I started That Cute Porch, I thought I wanted to do paint parties. But I struggled with it because I didn’t have any time. I had to step back and reevaluate what I wanted to do. 

I’ve realized I love the design aspect, and I love it when people paint something I designed. It’s a good feeling because I know they CHOSE to do it. 

I might start an Esty shop though, and sell my finished stuff there. I’ve sold things on Facebook and locally before, but I want to push myself more. If I can sell what I enjoy painting, I think that may be a good next step for me. 

I’m also venturing out into some craft festivals, and saving to purchase a laser machine since I’m cutting with my jigsaw for now. 

Oh and of course — I want to make time to invest in myself. That’s important to me.”

Ready to join the Painter’s Clubhouse, too?

Personally, I want to talk about the change I’ve seen in Lauren since joining the Painter’s Clubhouse. 

Knowing her for so long, I can see that she really has broken out of her shell. She’s so colorful and outgoing now — and while I know that has a lot to do with other things in her life, I do think that the Painter’s Clubhouse has been a big part of that!

I think it comes down to the community aspect of this group. It’s a community where everyone is inspired and encouraged to be themselves. And it’s a place where people can create art without feeling judged or scared to put it out into the world. 

I really think that’s the Painter’s Clubhouse’s secret sauce!

If any part of Lauren’s story resonates with you, I’d love to have you join us. Just follow me here to learn more and sign up

I hope to see you inside!


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