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Birthday Cake Door Hanger

by | Dec 12, 2020

Hey ya’ll I am so excited to be painting this birthday cake door hanger with you today! You might have originally seen this when I painted it over on Facebook live in honor of our Painter’s Clubhouse 2nd birthday.

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started the Painter’s Clubhouse. It has been such a blessing to teach and learn from other amazing artists in the sisterhood that Painter’s Clubhouse has provided. Painting this door hanger together is the perfect way to celebrate these two years, so let’s get started!

Supply List

  1. Large Flat Tip Paint Brush
  2. 1/4 inch Flat Tip Brush
  3. Small Filbert Tip Brush
  4. Happy Birthday Cake Blank
  5. -OR- Happy Birthday Cake Template and Digital Cut File
  6. Medium White Posca Paint Pen
  7. Medium Black Posca Paint Pen
  8. And DecoArt Matte Acrylic Americana Paints:
    1. Cotton Candy
    2. Wild Berry
    3. Sea Breeze
    4. Hauser Medium Green
    5. Citron Green
    6. Lavendar
    7. Dove Gray
    8. Primary Yellow

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DecoArt Paint Colors for Happy Birthday Cake Door Hanger

Getting Started on Your Birthday Cake Door Hanger

Today I am painting an etched blank door hanger from my shop! This makes the lettering super simple, because you’re basically doing a paint by number. The etched door hanger blanks are a great option for beginner painters. 

If you are completely new to painting door hangers I have a free e-book that has everything you need to get started. It’s a great tool that will give you a step-by-step guide to creating a door hanger from start to finish!

I also have a blog post I wrote for beginner painters who are new to door hangers. In it I discuss what a door hanger is, what they can be used for, and how you can make money painting them!

Now back to our door hanger… if you’re an experienced door hanger painter you may even choose to cut your own door hanger at home from a printed template. If this sounds like something you’d like to do then you’re in for a real treat, because you can get a FREE template for this birthday cake door hanger. 

By downloading our Southern A-Door-nments Shop app, you can search for birthday cake and add this exact template to your cart for free. Besides the free template, this app is a great tool to be notified when I paint live, release new templates, or have sales in my shop. You can download it here for Apple users, and Android users can download it here. 

Let’s Start Painting

Now it’s time to start painting our birthday cake door hanger!


One of my favorite things about etched door hangers is that you can paint over the etching and still see the lines. So to start, I used a flat tip brush to paint all of the main sections of the cake pink, except for the icing on the top of each layer! 


If you get out of the lines, don’t fret! Once the paint dries you can cover that part up later. 

DecoArt Paints used to paint the Happy Birthday Cake

Now it’s time for the icing on the cake – yum! Using the color sea breeze, I painted the creamy icing on the second and bottom layers. I loved how this looked with the cotton candy pink on the cake. 


I can’t help but wonder what this cake might look like if we really had it made, how fun! Next, I reached for my wild berry paint and a filbert tip brush to paint the icing that was dripping down the cake.  Now that my cake is iced, it’s time to add those details! 

Don’t Forget Those Details!

I love the flowers on this birthday cake door hanger! It’s a great way to add some extra color into it. 


I started by painting the bottom flower, the candle, and one of the top flowers on the cake using the lavender paint. Next, I painted two flowers yellow – one at the top and one at the bottom. Finally, I painted the last flower using the wild berry color. 


To paint the leaves on the flowers, I decided to mix hauser medium green and citron green together. I love the citron green, but it was just a little too bright. Hauser medium green mellowed it out a bit. 

Posca Pens being used on Happy Birthday Cake Door Hanger

Painting the Birthday Cake Door Hanger

Now it’s time to add some accents to those flowers and leaves! 


Using a round tip brush, I mixed cotton candy paint with wild berry to paint the partial “c” and abstract bird shape on my flowers. I know this sounds crazy, but those line shapes give the perfect texture and detail to you flowers. 


I did the same for the purple and yellow flowers too! For the yellow flowers, I used a drop of Marigold paint and for the purple flowers, I mixed white and lavender paint. For the leave, mix hauser dark green with the green you used to paint your accents.

Finishing Up the Birthday Cake Door Hanger

Another perk of an etched blank, is that the lettering is already there! All I had to do was use a 1/4″ inch flat tip brush and black paint to trace the etched lettering on the blank. If you find yourself hand lettering a blank for the first time, I encourage you to check out my blog post about how to hand letter. 

For the final touches I pulled out my favorite paint pens. I used the medium sized Posca Paint Pen in black to trace all the details of my door hanger in black so that they stand out and are super cute!! 

To finish up my door hanger, I used a white Posca Paint Pen, still medium sized, to add highlights to various parts of my door hanger. You can see above where I added them to the flowers, flame, and icing all along the cake. 

Have you ever attended a paint party? This would be such a fun design to incorporate at a paint party. I wrote a blog post on how to start your own paint party business. You should check it out! 

Check Out the Video Tutorial

If you already follow me on facebook, I hope you caught my video tutorial of this birthday cake door hanger when I originally painted it live. If not, make sure you watch it now and I’ll show you exactly how I painted mine, step-by-step:

See What Others Are Doing

We absolutely love to see how others are painting our door hangers. Check out this adorable birthday cake door hanger for a first birthday by Meghan Murr of Southern Murrcantile. You can find Southern Murrcantile here on Facebook! 

1st Birthday Door Hanger Painted by Southern Murrcantile

That’s a Wrap on Our Birthday Cake Door Hanger

If you paint a birthday cake door hanger, I would love to see it! Be sure that you share it in my free facebook group for painters! I love hanging out with you guys on Facebook and seeing what you paint.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this birthday cake door hanger as much as I have. It’s been so fun celebrating the Painter’s Clubhouse second birthday with you! 

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Birthday Cake Door Hanger Tutorial

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