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Ten Reasons to Start Your Own Paint Party Business!

by | Aug 3, 2019

If you’ve followed my business here for long, you know I LOVE to help others to be creative and have fun by painting their own door hangers and decor. So it was only natural for me to start my own paint party business for groups in my hometown!

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If you’ve never been to a paint party, they’re a fun time to get together with a group of people who all paint their own DIY decor at the same time. Think girls’ night out, church fellowship groups, co-workers getting together after work, or even several generations of a family joining up for a special occasion. It’s a contagious blend of fun energy, creative vibes, and lots of laughter.

My job is to organize the event, bring materials together, and guide everyone through the painting process, until everyone gets to leave with their own, personalized painted door hanger! Even beginners are soon feeling confident enough to design and create their own unique decor with the group!

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Sounds fun, right?

Well, if you’ve been painting door hangers for a while and are feeling ready to level-up your favorite hobby, here are ten of my favorite reasons that you should consider opening your own paint party business, too!

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Opening your own paint party business is awesome because…

…There’s very little start-up cost!

You likely already have most of the basic supplies that you need. And since the guests often RSVP and pay ahead of time, you have those funds available to stock up on the extra paints and materials you’ll need! (And don’t stress about choosing your start-up supplies – just check out my online supplies shop or my Amazon store to grab some of my favorite hand-picked tools and supplies!)

…You meet so many new people!

Whether you’re a SAHM, recently retired and looking for a fun new job, or just a people person in general, it feels good to get out and enjoy yourself every time you host a paint party! You’ll find familiar faces and also get to know a lot of great new people of all ages from your community.

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…You can grow your own skills as you go!

It seems intimidating to think about teaching someone else how to paint a door hanger, right? After all, you probably feel like you’re just learning a lot of it yourself! But that’s the great part – you can start simple with the basics – designs and techniques that you already know well – and grow your biz every time you learn a new skill yourself!

I’ve got some great printable stencils and digital cut files in my free resource library to get you started, and lots more for every season available in my shop. And make sure you follow me on facebook because I post a lot of tutorial videos and helpful links there all the time!

…Your schedule is flexible!

We’re all so busy, no matter what stage of life we are in. That’s why this is a perfect side gig for even the busiest person, because you set your own hours! Want to work evenings? Great! Lots of people like to decompress after a long day with some creative fun. Weekends are your best time? So many people like to look forward to planning some “me time” with friends or family after a busy, stressful week. This is a business that you can truly manage to fit with your needs.

…And you can work from home!

You can run your entire business right from your own house. And with mobile devices and technology, you can even do a lot of the planning and organization while hanging around outside your daughter’s gymnastics class or sitting in your doctor’s waiting room! Some people even offer their paint parties in their own home, although there are plenty of other options, too.

…You’re doing something that you love!

I’m pretty sure that you’re already part of the “love to paint” tribe since you’re here on my blog. Making it an official business just gives you even more opportunities to indulge your creative side and enjoy one of your favorite hobbies!

…You’re making extra cash!

I’m pretty sure we could all use a few extra dollars in our budget each month, whether it’s to save for that dream family vacation, boost our retirement income, or to stretch our grocery budget just a bit to cover those growing kids who seem to eat All.Day.Long. And if you’re like me, somehow every time you stop into Hobby Lobby or Michael’s “just to look around”, you feel like you need to take out a second mortgage at the checkout register. Why not get paid extra cash just for doing something that you love?

…You’re building confidence!

Hosting a paint party is a great excuse to stretch those mental muscles and improve your confidence about your own skills. There’s nothing like helping someone who is a total beginner to create something that they love and will enjoy hanging up in their own home!

…It fuels your creative side!

If you’ve never been to a paint party before, I just can’t explain how the creative energy buzzes around the room. It’s so energizing! Not only do you get to create, but you get to hang out with a lot of other people doing the exact same thing at the same time! You’ll get new ideas from each new paint party, too, like maybe a new color combination you hadn’t tried.

…It’s never boring!

Let’s face it – some of the side gigs out there can just get boring. Answering phone calls about customer accounts? Entering accounting data or medical codes into a database? Yawn – no thanks! With a paint party business, there’s no limit to what you can offer except your own imagination!

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to think about being a paint party entrepreneur? If I’ve inspired you to learn more, here’s a quick Facebook Live video that I did to help you figure out if you’re ready:

Great! So now what?

I’ve had so many people ask me, “So, how do I get started?” that I’ve created a Paint Party Bootcamp! It can be intimidating to get started with your own paint party business, so I’ve put all of the info you need right into one spot. These are all the tips and tricks that I had to learn the hard way, and that I wish I had known right when I first started! This is the tribe community that I’ve created where you have a lot of successful mentors to learn from, and lots of ideas that are shared with others. Make sure you get on the waiting list now, so that you can be one of the first ones to grab a spot when it opens again!

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Who’s ready for BOOT CAMP!?! Get on the waitlist now!


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