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Where to Sell Your Door Hangers

by | Aug 17, 2022

Tamara holding a box of door hangers

If you’ve been painting door hangers for a while, you might have had people that want to purchase some of your pieces. Perhaps you’ve built up enough confidence (and door hanger stock) that you’re ready to try your hand at selling. This is a great way to cover the costs associated with painting door hangers, even if it is just a hobby for you. Let’s talk about some places that might be good places to sell door hangers.

Tamara Holding a Basket of Door Hangers

Selling Door Hangers on Facebook

I always encourage my community to post their door hangers on Facebook. I even wrote an entire blog post on how to confidently sell your door hangers on Facebook. Facebook is a great place to start when selling door hangers, because you already have a community of people who could support you in your friends list. When you share your door hangers with your Facebook friends, you might just be surprised by people asking if they can purchase them.

Tamara Bennett on the computer going live on Facebook in front of her Ring Light and with her iPad on an Arkon Mount

Using Etsy to Sell Door Hangers

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods. You can create an account and sell door hangers through this marketplace. It’s important to learn how to ship door hangers if you’re going to use Etsy to sell your door hangers because customers from all over might purchase one of your pieces. Etsy is a great place to start if you’re not quite ready to have your own website. Plus, Etsy helps drive traffic to you in their search results which is very helpful as opposed to driving traffic to your website all by yourself.

Open a Booth at a Vendor Mall

A vendor mall is a great place to start when selling door hangers. Often times you can pay a booth rental fee and then set the booth up however you like. This type of selling allows customers to see your product in person. If you’re selling at a vendor mall, be sure to include business cards with links to any websites or social media pages associated with your brand. This will help customers get to know your face and brand since you won’t always be present at your booth.

Take Advantage of Craft Fairs

Craft fairs might be one of the best ways to start out selling door hangers. You have an entire fair dedicated to people shopping for handmade goods in person, what could be better? This gives you the chance to interact with customers and create a personal relationship when they purchase from you, which in return could lead to more sales in the future. My friend, Tammy Harris Hodges of Polka Dot Wreath Co., has written an ebook called “Resources for a Profitable Craft Show” that explains in great detail how to take your craft show to the next level and make money. Be sure to check out my blog post “Craft Show Tips with Tammy” for more ideas on how to succeed at a craft fair!

Painter's Clubhouse member, MaryLou Menegatti, set up an amazing craft show in HER driveway!

Getting Started

Deciding to sell your door hangers is such an exciting step! You can use the funds to cover crafting supplies or even the costs of memberships like the Painter’s Clubhouse or Template Club. If you’re just getting started and need some ideas on how to price your door hangers, how to start a door hanger business, or even how to set boundaries in your business as you start, then head to my blog. I have tons of great posts that will help you grow your door hanger business from start to finish!


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