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Staging Product Photos for Your Door Hanger Business

by | Oct 29, 2020

Staging Product Photos for Your Door Hanger Business

Painting and selling door hangers can be a great business. But, marketing your door hangers so they sell can seem overwhelming. Especially since door hangers are so visual – you want them to look good and catch your buyer’s attention! Today, we’re going to discuss staging your product photos. These photos make your door hanger look even more appealing and can easily be used for social media, your Etsy shop or Shopify site, or Facebook marketplace and website listing photos. 

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What Do You Need to Stage Product Photos?

Staging product photos is another creative outlet that I really enjoy. I love picking up props that I think would be perfect while I’m out shopping. I even have a drawer where I keep all of my staging props so they are easily accessible! 

Patriotic Bird Door Hanger Staging on paper

To start staging product photos, you’re going to want a background! You can use a floor, but I have found that I love to use wrapping paper. There are so many designs that the background options are endless. Checkout these adorable options I found on Amazon, I literally love them! 


Pom pom garlands also make a great product staging prop. All the bright colors can really make a door hanger pop! I’ve linked some of my favorites here.

Door Hangers Supplies Drawer

Door Hanger Staging Supplies

If you’re looking for fun props for staging product photos I highly recommend checking out the Dollar Tree. They have affordable props for every season and holiday. Check out these adorable jingle bells, how cute would they be when staging your Christmas door hangers?


You’d be surprised at how properly staging your door hangers will boost door hanger sales. They say that presentation is everything and it’s so true. If you’re looking for other ways to boost door hanger sales, check out my blog post with tips and tricks to increase sales. 

Lighting is Key to Staging Product Photos

This might seem like a no brainer, but a photo taken in natural lighting versus with an overhead ceiling light can make all the difference!


Don’t feel pressured to buy extra lights or photography supplies. With some natural light, you’ll be surprised how well you can capture product photos with even your phone. 


See how I staged this door hanger photo directly in front of my door? Use a window or door in your home to provide you with natural light for great photos. 


I love how this Patriotic Owl Door Hanger turned out once I staged him!

Patriotic Bird Door Hanger Staging on paper

Why Should I Stage Product Photos?

Rainbow Door Hanger

Happy Summer Door Hanger

Staging product photos is a great way to draw attention to your door hangers. If all your door hangers have the same background, people might start to overlook them and we definitely don’t want that.  

These staged photos also provide you with content that can be used on social media and your website. You have probably seen the funky rainbow door hanger before! I staged photos of this adorable door hanger and even wrote a blog post about how to paint the funky rainbow door hanger using my staged photos. 

The Happy Summer Door Hanger has me dreaming of warmer weather! It was staged using some summer items from the Dollar Tree – I told ya’ll I loved that place. You can find the blank and the template of this door hanger in my shop! 

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Look At How Cute These Door Hangers Are!

Are You Staging Photos for a Business?

Faith Over Fear Cancer Ribbon

If you find yourself staging photos for your business, I want to challenge you to think about the ways that you could grow your business even more. Maybe you’ll grow it by offering more variety of products or by hiring someone to paint with so that you can get more orders out. So what’s keeping you from growing? 


I encourage you to check out my blog post that I wrote about exactly this! In the post, I discuss the things that might be holding you back from moving forward in your business. I have faith that you can get the success you want by consistently showing up and putting in that hard work. 


If you’re already working on growing your business, I would love to have you join me in my Paint 2 Profit Membership. It’s the only business coaching that’s made for door hanger artists. In this program, I take the tactics and strategies I have learned over the last three years and teach them to you.


I often wished when I was starting that I had someone who had already been on the journey and could give me advice. Now I teach Paint 2 Profit to provide you with just that. I hope that you’ll join me there!

Check Out This Video of How to Stage Product Photos:

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Staging Product Photos for Your Door Hanger Business

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