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Painting a Pumpkin Truck Door Hanger – Four Ways

by | Oct 21, 2020

Tamara holding Mint Pumpkin Truck Door Hanger

Hey friends!! Today we’re going to be painting a pumpkin truck door hanger four different ways. This vintage pumpkin truck door hanger is a popular seller in our shop, and I can see why. There are so many way that you can paint it so it fits your porch decor perfectly. They’re the perfect way to welcome fall – and family and friends – into your home. 

I recently painted these different pumpkin trucks live over on my Facebook page -did you catch them? I often go live on my Facebook page to paint door hangers, show some fun painting techniques, and chat with everyone. It’s a great place for you to see new designs I am painting and get creative ideas so make sure you’ve followed me there

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Back to Painting a Pumpkin Truck Door Hanger Four Ways

Now it’s time to get back to painting a pumpkin truck door hanger – four different ways! The first way that we’re going to discuss is great if you are a beginner painter (and still a lot of fun if you’re not). This technique is simple and easy.

I have blanks and templates of this design available in my shop. A blank can be purchased with etched lines, similar to paint by numbers that you did as a kid. Blanks can also be purchased without etching. The blanks will ship to your home and come ready to paint.  A template is a digital download that includes a digital cut file and printable template so you can cut the design out at home with a jigsaw. 

I started with an etched blank from my shop and only used eight paint colors and a Sharpie to create this door hanger. If you didn’t catch me paint it live on my Facebook, you can catch the replay below. Be sure that you like my page on Facebook at Southern A-Door-nments Decor so that you can keep up with all the painting tutorials I am doing. 

Painting a Pumpkin Truck Four Ways

Ready for the Second Style of Pumpkin Truck?

The second pumpkin truck that we painted together on Facebook live, has a festive and fun background! It’s also a totally different color. One of the neat things about painting a pumpkin truck door hanger four different ways is that we can change the colors up. If we painted with the same colors all the time it could get pretty boring. If you head here you can get a list of some of my favorite paint colors to inspire you to try new patterns and designs as well.

Now it’s time to get back to our truck! We’re still keeping it pretty simple, but with a few more details than our first truck. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love adding polka dots to my door hangers. (And here are some of my favorite polka dot tips!). Polka dots are a fun pattern to add that really makes your background pop.

We also added polka dots to our smaller pumpkin, a headlight to our truck and vines to our pumpkins to take it just a step further than our first truck. The lettering on this truck was painted with a Posca paint pen as well, instead of the Sharpie that we used in the first tutorial. 

Red Fall Truck Door Hanger

A Third Option for a More Advanced Painter

As I started on the third truck when painting a pumpkin truck four ways, I decided to go with this blue color. The exact paint color is Victorian Blue by DecorArt Americana. At first glance this truck might seem similar to the first pumpkin truck we painted. However, this one has some key details that were added. 

With our blue truck, I added some texture to the headlight. I also added a grill, hubcaps, lug-nuts, and running boards to the body of my truck. By painting the fenders a shade darker than the truck I was also able to give the truck a 3D look . We added a few more highlights and shading to our pumpkins.

TIP: If you run out of paint options, try darkening what colors you have by adding a drop of black. You can lighten colors by adding a drop of white paint. 

I decided to rate this blue truck as the second most difficult out of the four trucks due to the additional highlighting and shading that we did on it compared to the others. Catch my live Facebook video to see a step-by-step tutorial of how I painted this blue truck below!

Fall Blue Truck Door Hanger

The Final Pumpkin Truck Design

The final way I painted the pumpkin truck when painting the door hanger four ways, might be my favorite! Buffalo plaid is perfect for a farmhouse style, and I love seeing all the different colors you can do in buffalo plaid with this technique. I opted for this green buffalo plaid and you won’t believe how I achieved this adorable background…baby wipes and painter’s tape!

Getting creative and mixing patterns, I added a leopard pattern to my pumpkin and put a little dog in my truck window. How cute is his fluffy face? This a great door hanger to paint for an experienced painter. However, if you’re up for a bit of a challenge then this is just for you!

Fall Green Plaid Truck Door Hanger

If you’re an experienced door hanger painter, you might be interested in cutting your own templates too! I have a template club that releases new templates and sends them directly to your email at the beginning of each month. No more logging in to download templates. Also, a great perk of the template club is that you get access to the templates before the public does. A sneak peak – how exciting! You can join our template club here, we would love to have you!

Now back to painting a pumpkin truck door hanger four ways! I also painted the adorable green truck on Facebook live. If you missed it, you can catch the replay below. 

More Door Hangers Perfect for this Season

If you’re looking for other fall door hangers or maybe even Halloween themes, be sure to check them out on my blog. I also have a blog post where I painted a pineapple door hanger three different ways if you liked seeing the various ways we painted the same basic door hanger. That’s the beauty of painting door hangers! There are so many endless possibilities for colors, patterns, and technique styles. 

If you paint this adorable pumpkin truck door hanger, make sure you share it in my free facebook group for painters! One of my favorite things is hanging out on Facebook with all of you and getting ideas and inspiration from everyone.

Love this pumpkin truck door hanger? Pin it for later:

Learn to paint Vintage Pumpkin truck four ways

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