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Happy Fall, Y’all – Door Hangers for Autumn!

by | Jul 17, 2019

Whew – who else has been spending these last hot weeks of summer dreaming about FALL?!? Sometimes, lately, I am SO ready for everything autumn – falling leaves, warm sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything! And because I know some of you are in the autumn spirit, too, I wanted to inspire you to find a new favorite fall door hanger!

This is a great time to spend an afternoon relaxing in the a/c, planning out your autumn porch decor and painting a new DIY door hanger or wood accent piece for your fall wreath. Before we know it, we will be potting mums and gathering gourds at the pumpkin patch, and you’ll already have your custom seasonal front door decor ready to go!

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Happy Fall,Y’all! Pumpkin

Happy Fall Yall Pumpkin Autumn Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

This is a classic Southern fall door hanger! Happy fall, y’all! The stripes and distressed paint job give it a rustic, country feel that is perfect for autumn. Of course, you can start with the same basic pumpkin shape and customize it with anything you’d like. Maybe polka dots, bright colors and clean lines, your monogram or last name on the text script, or whatever fits your home decor style!

If you’re ready to DIY this one, I’ve got the printable template and digital cut file (SVG, PDF, etc) and the ready-to-paint wood blank available in my shop!

Plus, I’ve got the “Happy Fall, Y’all” stencils available, too! Here’s the one that’s painted on this pumpkin in the photo, and here’s another one that’s more whimsical. Then don’t forget to check out my tips for using stencils right here!

Acorn Fall Door Hanger

Fall Acorn Leaf Autumn Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

Look at this sweet acorn! If you already have a house full of pumpkins, scarecrows, and leaf decorations, this painted acorn is a refreshing new design that still fits in your autumn decor theme. This would also be really cute in its smaller size as a wreath accent. Your neighborhood squirrels will love this one!

This one is easy to paint and customize with the printable template and digital cut file, or the wood blank in your choice of sizes. And here are some tips about choosing the right brushes to make those fun swirls and painted details!

Monogrammed Leaf Painted Door Hanger

Fall Maple Leaf Monogram Autumn Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

We all love the whimsy of cute fall decor, right? But sometimes you want something a little more elegant and sophisticated for your front porch, and this monogrammed maple leaf door hanger fits the bill. The personalized initial monogram also makes it a great gift idea for a wedding or housewarming present!

You can find this ready-to-paint MDF blank, customized for any letter you need, in my shop. But if you prefer it without the monogram, we also have a plain maple leaf blank available, too!

Pumpkin & “FALL” Sign

Here’s a fall version of our popular “LOVE” door hangers like I mentioned in this post. I like that it still has a classic fall pumpkin, but it also adds some variety for a fall door hanger. You can add different coordinating colors, patterns, and paint styles to each different letter so it really gives your creativity some space to shine! (Don’t forget to check out some of my stencils collection if you need pattern inspiration!)

Grab this printable template and digital cut file, or the blank in the size of your choice, and you’ll be ready to DIY your own custom fall sign!

Then, come over to my Facebook Live video tutorial to watch how I painted this one and get some of my favorite tips and tricks:

Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! DIY Door Hanger

Ok, we all have that one friend that goes crazy over everything pumpkin spice, right? Pumpkin spice lattes are one thing, but pumpkin spice pickles, pumpkin spice bathroom cleaner, pumpkin spice scented dog perfume!? (Some things just shouldn’t be pumpkin spiced…)

Anyway, this fall door hanger is for the big pumpkin spice lover who is the first in line at Starbucks when the fall season starts! A big coffee cup with a dollop of whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top – yum. This would even be cute gift idea for the dorm room door decor of your favorite college student who needs a daily dose of caffeine!

Here’s the printable template and digital cut file, plus the blank that’s cut and ready for you to paint!

Happy Fall Pickup Truck Door Hanger

Fall Polka Dot Pickup Pumpkin Truck Autumn Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

I’ve been selling a lot of seasonal door hangers with this retro farm truck style! This one is a perfect fall door hanger, with a bed full of big pumpkins fresh from the patch. The vintage style is really popular right now and looks great with bright colors and patterns, like these turquoise and aqua polka dots.

Find this printable template and digital cut file here, or the wood blank right here!

Bonus: Truck Door Hanger with Attachments for All Seasons

truck with attachments for all seasons year around door hanger by southern adoornments

If you loved the first pickup truck above, then take a look at this new one I recently created! This has that same vintage farm appeal but it lets you use the same door hanger for every season, all year around! You can fill the bed with the pumpkins for fall, the Christmas tree for winter, the hearts for Valentine’s Day, the Sunflowers for spring, and the 4th of July fireworks for summer! Customize it with your last name and you’re ready for the whole year. And, it’s another great unique gift idea for the newlyweds in your life!

This is one that you can DIY with our printable template and digital cut file, or our paint-ready blank.

So I hope you’re ready to get creative and look ahead to cooler days, crisp breezes, and autumn colors! If you didn’t see exactly what you’re looking for, take a look in my shop for some more ideas for pumpkins, scarecrows, or even a “Trick or Treat” stencil!

And don’t forget about my painter’s clubhouse, where we create new door hangers and learn techniques together each month, every season, all year long! Get on the waiting list now!

Painter's Clubhouse Membership by Southern ADOORnments


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