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How to Make Time for Creativity (Even When You Don’t Feel Very Creative)

by | Mar 12, 2024

“I’m just not a creative person” is something I hear ALL the time! In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard it…I may be the richest person in all of Kentucky!

People are quick to think that creativity is something you have to be born with to explore. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Creativity is a muscle you have to work on, and as you learn more, the better you get at flexing that muscle. 

So yes, maybe you aren’t confident in your ability to draw so much as a stick figure…but don’t you think you’d get better if you knew the tools and techniques for doing so? 

It’s like running. No one knows the best running shoes, how to prevent shin splints, or how to play the mental game of training until they actually do it!

Creativity is crucial, friends. And that’s why I truly believe, regardless of skill level, we should all know how to make time for creativity — whether that’s with door hangers, crafts, or something else entirely!

My experience with making time for creativity

I’ll be honest…I wasn’t always the “creative” type. I actually didn’t even start painting door hangers until my 30s!

I stumbled upon them one day when my husband was deployed in Afghanistan, and I was honestly just looking for a way to keep my sanity while also taking care of three kids!

Slowly, it developed into paint parties, then into a full-on business. But it didn’t happen overnight! And it definitely wouldn’t have happened if I had given up just because I wasn’t always a creative person. 

Like all things worth having, it started with baby steps, and grew over time. 

That’s what I want to let you know friend — if you’re feeling down and out about your creative abilities, rest assured knowing that it’s a skill you work on rather than a natural talent you possess!

The benefits of creative expression

We shouldn’t let the fear of not being talented enough hold us back! There are SO MANY great benefits to being creative. 

For one, painting door hangers has allowed me to tap into parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there. It’s made me stronger, more confident, and less afraid to take chances. And it’s helped me to believe in the power of my ideas. 

And when you’ve had a long day, or even a long week, sneaking off to your craft room for even just a few minutes can greatly reduce the stress. We all need time to break away from the hustle and bustle to do something fun!

There are tons of other benefits of being creative, but I want to also show HOW you can show up and make time for it. Because it takes more than just knowing something is good for you to follow through with it!

How to make time for your own creativity

Tip #1: Just keep showing up

You don’t have to be GOOD to be creative. Plus, there are no rules to creativity! You’re allowed to put your own spin on things to keep it fun and exciting for YOU. 

If you do want to hone in on your skills though, you have to keep showing up. No one is perfect at the start, but when you show up consistently, you can get there over time! 

Tip #2: Schedule it like an appointment

It can be hard to show up for yourself when life is happening all around you. If you find that time to get creative is always on the back burner, try scheduling it like a doctor’s appointment. 

I know sometimes other things take priority, but if you can devote even just 5 minutes a day to being creative, it can bring so many benefits!

Tip #3: Connect with others

No one is meant to do this thing alone! And having a creative community around you means you can find the support you need, especially on days when you feel like your skills aren’t where you want them to be. Or when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some encouragement. 

Or even when you feel like you’re in a creative slump!

Find your creative people inside the Painter’s Clubhouse

I know just “getting out there and doing it” is easier said than done. But you’ll never know what amazing things are out there for you if you don’t try!

If you need some encouragement and accountability to make time for creativity a consistent thing, then I want to invite you to the Painter’s Clubhouse

Every month, we work on fun door hangers and other craft projects. I’ll show you step-by-step how to do it, too. We have live tutorials on Facebook, the occasional virtual get-together, plus, there are TONS of other people in there ready to support you. People who are in your shoes or who have been in them before. 

We’re all here to help you along your own creative journey! Plus, it’s a lot of fun (and I really think you’ll enjoy it!).

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the Painter’s Clubhouse here.


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