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How to Make a Welcome Porch Sign

by | Oct 6, 2020

Hey y’all, in case you didn’t know I am a sucker for some fun porch decorations like this fall decor from my last post! I mean I do paint door hangers for a living, but today I’m excited to be switching it up a little bit with this fun DIY project. We’ll be doing a step-by-step tutorial of how to make a wood welcome sign for your front porch. You get to follow along with me and my husband as we gather materials and show you how to make a wooden sign from scratch. 

One of the neat things about this wooden sign is that with the interchangeable attachments the customization is endless. I have a variety of 12″ size blanks and templates in my shop providing you with attachment options that are never ending. Are you worried that your current porch decor will go out of style or is only seasonal? I have a variety of seasonal attachments in my shop perfect for everything from Halloween to the Fourth of July!

The best part about this project is that this porch leaner will be super sturdy and will last years. Your welcome sign won’t blow over in a storm or warp under its own weight. It’s worth the extra steps for such a high quality piece!

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Getting Started on Your Wood Welcome Sign

We love how simple this DIY project is! The first step when learning how to make a wood welcome sign is to cut your boards. You’ll need two different sizes of wood for this project. We used 3 – 2x4x8 boards and 1 – 2x4x6 board.

We cut our 2x4x8 boards down so that they were 6′ each.

Of course, you know we need to have smooth edges. So the next step was to sand all the way around the edges, then we laid them out side by side with the 2x4x6 board we had. 

Drilling the Welcome Sign boards together

Next we clamped two boards together at a time. In order to do this you just clamp the kreg jig to the outer board then drill a pilot hole. We used this drill from Amazon. After the hole is drilled, insert a 1.5″ screw to secure the two boards together.
You’re going to want to do this about six times down the length of the board to secure them side by side. My husband, being the type of person who goes overboard did it about twelve times down each side.
Be sure to repeat this on the two other boards as well.

Tools Used for wooden porch sign

Once you’re done drilling lay the two sets of the 2x4x6 boards secured side by side with the drill holes on the outer edges. We’ll come back to this large board in a minute! 
Kreg Jig clamped to the wood sign

Let’s Use Those Scrap Pieces!

Remember those scrap pieces that we had left over from the beginning? Well we’re about to put them to good use as we continue learning how to make a wood welcome sign.

Measure with a tape measure and cut the remaining scrap pieces to 12″ and then cut the edges at a 45 degree angle. The angle part is optional, so if you’d rather not you don’t have to. Be sure to sand those rough edges and then we’ll return to the boards we just laid out.
Now it’s time to add the scrap pieces to the back of our board! Use a long clamp to clamp all four of the board to each other. This will help to hold the wood together even more.

Staining the Wooden Porch Sign

Drilling into Back of Door Hanger

Now you’re going to place one of the 12″ scrap pieces at the top of the sign. Secure it to the long board using 2″ screws. We drilled in eight screws so that two screws would go into each of the long boards. 

After you’ve placed one of the scrap pieces at the top, add the others to the middle and bottom of the sign. In total there should be three of the shorter scrap pieces along the back of the board. 

And you’re done! Wasn’t that easy learning how to make a wooden door hanger? Now comes the fun part! You can paint or stain your sign and then attach your wooden letters. 

Making the “Welcome” Letters on the Porch Sign

Now you’ll need the letters themselves to attach to the sign. Some people just paint them right onto the wood. If you love hand lettering, this is the easiest!

However, I like to have a 3-D effect on mine so I cut them from wood and paint them!

If you want to layer yours, too, I’ve made it easier for you. You can buy the printable template and digital cut file from my shop, which you can also use in your CNC vinyl or laser cutter machine. 

Or, if you’re a beginner, I’ll cut the wood letter blanks out for you and ship them right to your house! Then you just need to paint them and attach them and you’re ready to go.

How to Make a Wood Welcome Sign with Attachments for Every Season

Welcome Wooden Porch Sign with softball

These wood welcome signs are the perfect addition to your front porch! I painted this adorable softball attachment for this welcome sign over on my Facebook page and you can watch it here. I go live and paint on my Facebook every week. If you don’t want to miss out on all my tips and tutorials as I paint, make sure to like my page on Facebook.  To get notifications when I go live on Facebook sign up for my text updates! Just send me a text at 1 (270) 207-9091 and I’ll get you added to the list.

Now back to our DIY wood welcome sign! I have a variety of sport themes in my shop that would make the perfect attachments to your wood welcome sign. If you want the specific softball seen here, you can find that blank here. Did you know if you get any of my blanks in the 12″ size they become the perfect attachment? That means you have endless options for how customizable your wood welcome sign is. 

In addition to the variety of hobbies and interests attachments I have in my shop, I also have many seasonal favorites to choose from. You could choose a monogrammed pumpkin attachment for fall. There is an adorable bunny for Easter, Santa for a Christmas theme, or a tasty box of chocolates attachment for Valentine’s Day. All of these options come blank. You paint the blanks however you like giving your sign its own personality!

I had such a great time teaching you how to make a wood welcome sign! If you make a wood welcome sign, head to my Facebook page for Made it Monday where we all share our latest creations. I hope to see you there! 

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Welcome Sign Tutorial

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