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A Gift Guide for the Door Hanger Business Owner​

by | Nov 24, 2020

Hey y’all, as a door hanger business owner I understand how hard it is to find time to make a Christmas list, much less find items I want to add to it. Don’t fret though, I’ve created a gift guide for the door hanger business owner that you’ll want to share with everyone this season. 

Let’s not just limit these gifts to Christmas – these would also be great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to splurge on a treat for yourself, too. These are some of my favorite products that I use most in my business. 

Read through and find your favorites. Let me take the gifting guess work away from those that love you this Christmas. Just send them a link to this gift guide for the door hanger business owner! 

This post includes some of my affiliate links for your shopping convenience. If you make a purchase from this page, I may receive a small portion for sharing them with you.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

First – My Favorite Online Shopping Tip

Before we begin, here’s a quick tip to help you save money! I know we’re all doing a lot more online shopping right now. And that includes buying all those Christmas gifts!

So I signed up for Rakuten to help save money! Every time I shop online at a participating store, I earn cash back AND can grab all of the latest coupon codes. And I don’t even have to do anything differently! I just signed up, added the extension, and shop online like I always do, and Rakuten keeps track of all of my savings and banks the cash back for me!

Sign up now, and you could earn $40 right away if you use my affiliate link. Plus you’ll earn 1-10% cash back if you shop online at stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, JoAnn’s..and lots more. Think about all that shopping you do online for your business. Wouldn’t it be awesome to earn money back on all of it?

Now – onto the gift guide for that door hanger business owner:

1) Ain’t No Party Like a Paint Party Tee

Ain't No Party Like Door Hanger Paint Party shirt

The Ain't No Party Like a Paint Party Shirt Pink

Do you find yourself often doing paint parties in your business? This Ain’t No Party Like a Paint Party tee is the perfect uniform for your next paint party. 

Are you new to paint parties? Check out my blog post on how to host a paint party!  I also offer a Paint Party Boot Camp that will teach you how to successfully build a paint party business that you love. 

2) Custom Business Logo Stamp & Stamp Pad

Southern A-Door-nments Custom Business Logo Stamp

If you’re a door hanger business owner, you should definitely be putting your name on your work! I love this stamp with my business information on it.

You can customize your own stamp here! I stamp the back of each of my door hangers with this so people know exactly where it came from and where to buy another. 

3) Drying Rack for Door Hangers

Drying Racks of Door Hangers

Painting door hangers or serving pizza? When I wrote about how I use pizza racks to dry my door hangers when I batch paint in bulk, so many of you loved the idea!

You can find pizza racks here in my Amazon affiliate shop! Are you looking to boost sales so you can fill those pizza racks with customer orders? Head to my blog post where I give some tips for boosting sales.

4) Ring Light for the Door Hanger Business Owner

Tamara with Ring Light

Tamara Bennett's Ring Light Used for Live Videos and Photos

Y’all I absolutely love my ring light! If you find yourself going live on Facebook often, I highly recommend you add one of these to your wish list. 

I use my ring light every time I go live on Facebook or record a video. You can find a ring light just like mine here.

5) Arkon Mount Creators 3 in 1 Bundle

Arkon Mount Used by Southern A-Door-nments for Lives

Tamara Using Her Arkon Mount

Speaking of Facebook lives, this Arkon Mount Creators 3 in 1 bundle is a must for recording live videos! It allows me to position my phone wherever to record. This mount also holds my iPad so I can easily read comments on my live videos while I am streaming. 

I can’t recommend this one enough! You can find the Arkon mount here. If you use the code PAINTERSCLUBHOUSE you will save 20%!

6) Rollo Label Printer

A Rollo Shipping Label Printer

Shipping Label Rollo Printer

Ya’ll know I love anything that will make my shipping life easier and this Rollo label printer does just that! I’ve tried other label printers, but I love the way that the Rollo printer prints the labels in a nice neat stack. 

With the Rollo, I grab my stack of labels and slap them on my packages and they’re ready to go. I cannot recommend this label printer enough, and that’s why I knew I had to add it to this gift guide for the door hanger business owner. 

7) Apple AirPods Pro

Apple Airpod Pros on the Gift Guide Door Hanger Business Owner

I’ve always wondered why people are paying so much for these wireless earbuds, then I got a pair. These are amazing, and great at noise cancelling!

If you’re using a jig-saw to cut blanks, throw these in and listen to your favorite song. Or tune out the crazy background noise in your house when you want to get in the zone of painting your newest door hanger. Seriously, you will not regret adding these AirPods to your wish list. 

8) iPad + Procreate app & Apple Pencil

Pro Create app on the iPad with a Pencil

As I create this gift guide for creative business owners, I can’t recommend this gift enough. I absolutely love my iPad and the Pro Create app. If you have these two, you’re definitely going to need an Apple Pencil too. 

The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with this combination. Check out my Facebook video where I show you how I use the Pro Create app along with my iPad and Pencil. 

9) Painter’s Clubhouse Yearly Membership

Painters Clubhouse

If you’re a creative business owner, I have some great memberships in my shop for you! The Painter’s Clubhouse Membership is an online membership group I offer. It will help you find happiness and confidence in painting door hangers! 

Is there something holding you back from growing your door hanger business? Check out this blog post I wrote about growing your business. 

BONUS: Treat Yourself!

Treat yourself to the Template Club to get fresh, new door hanger designs delivered right to your inbox every single month! You’ll get first access to our latest designs and save so much money. Never run out of inspiration for your next paint party or vendor fair when you get a whole stack of new ideas every month in the club!

Head to my shop now and add this membership to cart, I think you deserve it! While you’re there, check out the eBook I have that will walk you through selling your door hangers. This is a great resource for business owners!

That’s a Wrap on My Gift Guide for The Door Hanger Business Owner

I hope that this gift guide for the door hanger business owner is giving you so many ideas. These are some of my favorite products and I know you will love them too! Looking for other gift ideas? I have gift guides for the beginner painter and the advanced painter too, check them out on my blog! 

I want to encourage you to like my page on Facebook and follow me on Instagram.  Every week you can find me live on Facebook, where I paint a new door hanger from the templates that were released the week before. I always love painting and talking with my fellow business owners on Facebook live, and I hope to see you there soon! 

Love this gift guide? Pin it and save it for later!

Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Door Hanger Business Owner


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