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Choosing the Best Materials to Make Your Own Stencils

by | Apr 7, 2019

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for Christmas decorating without guilt! And of course, around here, that means lots of new holiday door hangers. As you know, stencils are one of my favorite tools for personalizing my painted crafts with a professional touch.  

Of course, you can buy some of my favorite stencils right here in my shop. But, if you want to really create unique DIY projects, you can create your own at home with your Cricut! Here are some of the SVG stencil files that I have in my shop to give you an idea of the many options.


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When creating your own stencils for painting, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which material is best to use. I have tried a couple of different kinds and have found that some are definitely better than others!

My preferred thickness is 7.5mm. When cutting it on my Cricut, I use a deep cut blade and set my blade depth to max, pressure setting to max and multi cut twice. This way, it cuts all the way through the material. If my blade is getting dull, I may even have to multi-cut three times.

I prefer not to use anything thicker than 7.5 mm. I’m fairly certain that my Cricut would not be able to cut anything thicker. Also, the thicker the stencil material, the more likely you are going to have paint bleeding underneath the pattern.

To keep your stencils neatly stored, you can use a portfolio like the one from Filexec. Just make sure that your stencils are clean and dry before you store them!

If you’re looking for more tips about some of my other favorite DIY materials, take a look at my resource page where I’ve listed almost all of my favorite tools that I use to create my painted wood signs. And don’t forget to check out my top tips for painting with stencils, too, and my Painter’s Clubhouse if you’re interested in joining a monthly group to learn new painting techniques! Happy stenciling, friends!


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