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Beginner’s Guide to Cutting a Wooden Door Hanger

by | Oct 24, 2022

Tamara at Lowe's in front of a block of wood used to cut door hangers

Should I Use a Jigsaw or a Scroll Saw?

If cutting your wood pieces by hand, my preferred method is a jigsaw. While many people enjoy using a scroll saw, I have the most experience with a jigsaw, so that is the method I’m going to use! You can refer to my Amazon Affiliate Shop if you’d like to see the tools I prefer. If you’re unsure if you’d prefer a scroll saw or jigsaw, checkout my blog post on figuring out which is right for you.

cut a door hanger with a jigsaw

Choosing the Right Blade

When it comes to using a jigsaw, the right blade makes all the difference! If you’ve struggled with cutting curved lines or corners using a jigsaw, it’s most likely your blade! Look for blades that say “scroll” on package, have 20 TPI (tips per inch), and are very narrow in width. Also make sure you get the right “shank” to fit your jigsaw. Mine uses a “U shank” but some require “T shank”. Checkout this video I posted on Instagram comparing jigsaw blades.

jigsaw blades with graphic should which to choose

Cutting Your Design

I have a video tutorial that shows you how to use a jigsaw. Check it out for a great visual to guide you on your next project. Unfortunately, some wood splinters worse than others. As you can see below, this is how my wood looks when it is cut prior to being sanded.

cut door hanger with rough edges

Sanding Your Design

Once your design is cut, you’re ready to sand the edges. I highly recommend using a “mouse sander”. Mouse sanders are very light and compact, which helps when sanding in the tiny crevices of the door hanger blanks. I always use 80 grit paper because it’s rugged enough to last for several door hangers, but gentle enough to get a smooth finish. I don’t ever sand the front or back, I only sand the cut edges. I typically begin by sanding on the front side because it’s rougher, but then I flip it over to sand any remaining areas on the back side.

Your Next Steps

Learning to cut your own door hangers is a game changer when painting door hangers. If you’re selling door hangers, cutting your own gives you an even larger profit margin. Now that you’re done cutting out your door hanger, you’re ready to use your template! Check out my blog post, “How to Use a Printable Door Hanger Template.” 


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