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5 Ways to Hand Letter a Door Hanger

by | Nov 17, 2022

Tamara adding hand lettering to a door hanger with wording that says "Add Hand Lettering on a Door Hanger"

There are five ways that you can add lettering to a door hanger. I have a variety of tools in my shop too that will help you accomplish what you’d like to do. You can use a paint brush, a stencil, vinyl, graphite transfer paper, or even hand letter with a brush or paint pen.

Paint Lettering on an Etched Blank

If you’ve never painted lettering before, you should try one of the wood blanks in my shop that already have lettering “etched” in the wood. You can paint over the words with your basecoat, then add the lettering last with a paint pen. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see them! Painting etched lettering is as easy as coloring inside the lines.

Tamara holding an Etched blank from Southern Adoornments Decor

Using a Vinyl Stencil or Vinyl Lettering

If you have any experience with a Circuit or Silhouette machine and cutting vinyl, this method may be easiest for you to try first. Many people start with this method until they gain the confident to try other methods.

Using a squeegee to apply vinyl hand lettering to wood

Use a Reusable Stencil

If you plan to use a lettering stencil like the ones I sell in my shop, make sure the size is right for your project. While this option seems less intimidating, it’s a little challenging to get crisp letters without bleeding. I recommend using a triangle makeup sponge to dab off as much excess paint as possible.

using a stencil that says "happy fall ya'll" to add lettering to a pumpkin

Using Graphite Transfer Paper to Add Lettering

I prefer to use one of these last two options since they allow for more customization. Using a graphite transfer required that either you have a template with wording or that you print your own text. I like to create my text design in Canva first, then print and trace. You can check out my blog post, “How to Use Canva to Add Lettering to a Door Hanger for a brief tutorial on how to do this!

Hand Lettering with a Brush or Paint Pen

Of course, hand lettering is going to be more difficult, but it is also much more rewarding! With a little practice, you can gain confidence and improve your hand lettering. If you wish to sketch out your words before you paint them, you can use a piece of chalk or a watercolor pencil in the same color as the paint.

TIP: If you are scared to practice on a door hanger, practice on cardboard or card stock paper.

Often times beginners find paint pens or markers to be the easiest way to add lettering since it’s not much different than using a pencil. I prefer to use Posca or Artistro Markers. If you’re going to be using a paint brush,  a round tip brush is great for script lettering while a filbert tip brush is great for print. If your strokes aren’t smooth, you may not have enough paint on your brush or the paint is too thick. I prefer to have a little puddle of paint to dip my brush in. I will dip after almost every single letter. It can also be helpful to thin your paint with a little bit of water.

a paint pen adding lettering to a door hanger

Looking for More Great Tips?

If you’re looking for more great tips like this check out my Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook. It’s a free ebook where I can walk you through how to paint a door hanger from start to finish! Everything you need to know about painting a door hanger can be found in this free ebook. It’s a great resource for beginners, I hope that you’ll check it out! 


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