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XOXO Cookies Valentine’s Door Hanger Tutorial 

by | Jan 31, 2024

I recently painted this XOXO Cookies door hanger and even gave it a little 3D effect for the icing on the cookies. It was so much fun to paint together on Facebook Live! If you missed it you can watch the replay on my YouTube Channel. I go live on my Facebook Page every Tuesday at noon to paint one of the new template designs that released the Friday before. 

Let’s Get Started

If you want to paint this with me, you can grab the template and blank over in my shop! We’re going to dive right in on how to paint this adorable door hanger. First, I painted the background, which would be the plate, a light pink called Cactus Flower. Next, I mixed just a little bit of White paint with the Cactus Flower paint to create a lighter shade to paint the ring that went around the plate. I did this with a round tip brush. Once that lighter ring was painted around the edge, I wanted to add some darker pink to really blend it. I used the color Wild Berry to blend into that ring around the plate. Next, I went around the outer edge of my plate with that Wild Berry color to accentuate the edges at the bottom to create a shadow. To highlight the top of the plate, I added White paint to the outer edges. This technique adds depth to the plate by adding a highlight and shadow. 

Painting the Gingerbread Cookies 

Once my background was painted, it was time to paint the Valentine’s cookies. I started by painting the cookies with a base coat of Sable Brown. This next step kind of made me nervous, but I made it work. Using Milk Chocolate paint and a little bit of the Dark Chocolate, and a sponge from the Dollar Tree I started dabbing paint on the cookies. With enough paint on my sponge, this started to really give my cookies some texture. 

Add the Icing to the Cookies

Before I iced my cookies, I painted the Xs and Os using white paint and outlined my heart cookies. This created a really good base layer to apply the “Icing” onto. Next, I put some Fast ’N’ Final Lightweight Spackling that I got at Walmart into a piping bag with an icing tip. Start icing your cookies by adding icing to the letters and outer edges of the gingerbread hearts. Once I iced the cookies this door hanger was ready to hang! I didn’t have any Valentine’s sprinkles on hand, but that would have been such a cute thing to add to the top!

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