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Why Should I Start a Subscription Box?

by | Jul 9, 2021

Why Should I Start a Subscription Box?

We recently had the privilege of featuring Sarah Cummings at The Red Headed Camel as a guest in our Paint to Profit (P2P) membership. She taught our members how to start a subscription box in their door hanger businesses. If you’re on the fence about starting a subscription box, let’s go over some quick reasons that Sarah states subscription boxes are a great next step in your business. 

Sarah’s Reasons Why:

1. Creating Recurring Revenue with a Subscription Box

2.Consistency in Products

3.Giving the Customers What They Want with a Subscription Box

Creating Recurring Revenue with a Subscription Box

First, Sarah states that one of the most intriguing things about a subscription box is the opportunity to earn recurring revenue. With a subscription box, customers are signing up for a “membership” to get a box. Every time the customers receive a box they are billed automatically. This means that your business can get paid as often as you offer the subscription boxes. This is a great way to cover business costs. For example, if monthly sales are slower than normal one month you know that the subscription boxes provide a revenue you can count on.

Sarah from The Red Headed Camel with her subscription boxes.

Consistency in Products

You know we encourage creating door hangers in bulk to save you time. Sarah mentioned that with a subscription box that’s exactly what you’re doing. The consistency of the products in the subscription boxes allows your work to flow smoothly. It’s easy to create the same item multiple times versus creating different items each on their own.  In Sarah’s case she is able to produce quality items in large quantities. 

Door hangers painted by Sarah at The Red Headed Camel.

Giving the Customers What They Want with a Subscription Box

We all know that the best way to provide value for your customer, is to give them a quality product that they love. A subscription box allows you to offer variations of a product. This means the customer can still get their item personalized the way that they would like. Sarah mentioned that she allows her customers to personalize the saying or initial on their door hangers. Allowing the customers options when choosing the items in their box will keep them wanting to come back each time!

Join Paint to Profit

Now that you know why a subscription box is a great option for your business, I know you’re wondering how to start your own.  You can join our Paint to Profit membership and catch Sarah’s replay. She breaks down how to start a successful door hanger subscription box in easy steps.

In addition to Sarah’s tutorial, you will also have access to a variety of other talented guest speakers, as well as informational teaching from me, Tamara Bennett. Our Paint to Profit membership gives you access to the tools you need to grow a successful door hanger business. It also connects you to a network of other door hanger business owners. You can head to the Paint to Profit section on my website to join. We’d love to see you there soon!


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