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What Our Painter’s Clubhouse Members are Painting at Christmas

by | Dec 9, 2021

If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Painter’s Clubhouse. Before we dive in to these adorable door hangers painted by our creative PC Sisters, I want to give a brief overview for those of you who might not know what it is.

Painter’s Clubhouse is an online membership group that I host designed to help people grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist. I show up to teach and paint alongside these students regularly and often learn much from them in the process. If you want more information about Painter’s Clubhouse, I encourage you to checkout this blog post I wrote that goes more in depth about the membership and what it is. That’s enough about the membership for now, let’s dive right in and see what these lovely ladies have been painting!

Pinterest image featuring various door hangers

Reindeer with Glasses

We’re kicking off our blog by featuring this adorable reindeer with glasses door hanger painted by Jacqueline in the Painter’s Clubhouse. Jacqueline is the owner of Working with the Grain. I absolutely love the pop of color she added with the blue glasses! It’s so festive and fun!

Reindeer with Glasses Door Hanger Painted by Jacqueline of Working with the Grain
Painted by Jacqueline, owner of Working with the Grain.

Festive Snowman

The next door hanger feature painted by one of our PC Sisters is sure to have you begging for snow. How adorable is this snowman face painted by Terri Seymour, owner of The Crafty Nightowl? I am loving the royal blue scarf and hat ribbon that Terri painted plaid. This festive guy will surely brighten your front door!

Snowman with scarf and hat on
Painted by Painter’s Clubhouse member Terri Seymour of The Crafty Night Owl.

Buffalo Plaid Ornament

I absolutely love how Painter’s Clubhouse member Danielle Shrum painted this ornament door hanger. She added buffalo plaid to the background using a technique that we’ve taught in the Painter’s Clubhouse. This simple Christmas door hanger is a timeless design that she can use for many years to come!

Christmas tree with a door hanger and bow that say Merry Christmas
Painted by Painter’s Clubhouse member Danielle Shrum.

Cardinal Door Hanger

While this door hanger doesn’t scream Christmas, it sure does scream winter. At Christmas we often reflect on times with those we miss which is why I love this cardinal door hanger. What a precious gift it could be. This beautiful door hanger was painted by PC Sister, Debbie Harrison. I love how she staged her photo as well, the red tulle and berries feel so festive!

Door Hanger with Cardinal that Says Hello
Painted by Painter’s Clubhouse member Debbie Grant Harrison.

Snow Place Like Home Door Hanger

Last but certainly not least on this Painter’s Clubhouse round up is this Snow Place Like Home Door hanger painted by Susan Easters. I love that she added a bow and festive snowman backdrop when staging her door hanger. It is perfect for Christmas and can carry right on into winter!

Door Hanger that says "Snow Place Like Home" with a snowman on it
Painted by Painter’s Clubhouse member Susan Easters.

Do You Want In On All The Painter’s Clubhouse Fun?

If you’re reading this and thinking you want to join in on all the fun these PC Sisters are having then we would love to have you! Painter’s Clubhouse is a monthly membership and enrollment only opens twice a year. You can join the waitlist and be first to know when membership opens so that you can sign up! I love this community so much, and enjoy watching these artists grow in their painting journey. If you’re looking for a sense of community or just a way to improve your painting skills consider joining us for all the fun in Painter’s Clubhouse!


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