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Welcome with Flowers Door Hanger 

by | Apr 18, 2023

Supply List

  1. Welcome with Flowers Door Hanger Template OR Welcome with Flowers Blank

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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I don’t know about where you are, but here in Kentucky things are really warming up. Warmer weather makes me so happy and gets me excited for all the blooms. This Welcome with Flowers door hanger is perfect for that transition from Winter into Spring. It’s also a very simple door hanger for a beginner to paint, let’s jump right in!

Gathering the Supplies

With this project, you really only need about six paint colors. You can use the ones I used, or you can switch it up and pick some colors on your own! If you’re in need of a wooden blank, you can purchase an etched blank in my shop. Etched just means that the design is printed into the wood. This makes is similar to painting by number. Perhaps you’re wanting to try to start cutting your own wood blanks. This circle wood blank would be a great place to start! You could then purchase the Welcome with Flowers template from my shop and use graphite paper to transfer the design onto your wood.

supplies needed for welcome door hanger

Painting the Background

First, we’re going to start by painting the entire background of the door hanger using the color, Buttermilk. I used a large flat tip brush, but a sponge is also a great way to cover a large area all at once. Next, using the color Melon paint the basic background of the large flowers.  Switching to a small flat tip brush and the color, Watermelon Slice, paint the tiny pointed petals. Finally, using the color, Jewel Green, paint the greenery on the door hanger.

Paint the Details

Now it’s time to add some details! First, we’re going to paint the centers of your flowers with a round tip brush and white paint. The round tip brush helps to make it more rounded. Next, use the color Sunset Gold to paint the little dots around the flowers. Still using the Sunset Gold, switch to a liner brush and paint the lettering. Rinse your brush and grab some Watermelon Slice paint to add some little sprigs inside the flowers to add dimension. Finally, mix a little bit of Black with Jewel Green and paint center lines on the greenery with a liner brush.

painting the details of the welcome flowers door hanger

Watch the Replay

I had so much fun painting this door hanger live with you all! If you want to watch the replay for yourself, you can find it below! Tune into my Facebook page every Tuesday and paint live with me. We have so much painting together!

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