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Sassy Valentine’s Day Heart Tutorial 

by | Jan 21, 2023

Supply List

  1. Box of Chocolate Door Hanger Template from the Free Library
  2. Filbert Tip Brush
  3. Flat Tip Brush
  4. Round Tip Brush
  5. Fine Tip Brush
  6. Craft Twinkles Gold Glitter

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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sassy heart door hanger image

If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember my box of chocolates heart that I painted. It is a free template that is featured in my free template library. Today I’m going to share with you a tutorial of this adorable leopard print scalloped heart! You can use the same template from the free library and just omit adding the chocolates to your heart to achieve this look. Let’s dive right in!

What is a Template?

First things first, let’s discuss what a template is. A template is a printable guide you can use to cut out a door hanger blank yourself. Once the door hanger is cut, you can then, use the template and graphite paper to trace the design from the template to the wooden blank.

I have an entire library on my website of about ten free templates. Check it out and get started on your first project now!

Let’s Get Started

Start by painting the center of the heart with the color Royal Fuchsia and a one inch flat tip brush. Using Gold Metallic paint and a filbert tip brush, start adding the center of the leopard print by adding some wiggly small spots. 

Swap to black paint and start to add some wiggly lines around the edges of the leopard splotches. It’s important to not go all the way around the spot and to swap out which sides you add it to.

Paint the Scallop Border and Add Glitter

Using a flat tip brush paint the scalloped edges using black paint. Be sure to wait for it to dry or dry it with a hair dryer or heat gun before moving to the next step. Using a round tip brush and DecoArt Craft Twinkles Gold glitter, dab the gold glitter onto the metallic splotches so that the glitter goes on a little thicker than in you just painted it on. Using a fine tip brush and white paint, add some accent lines and dots to the scallop border. I made my dots in a triangle pattern to keep it simple.

Leopard print heart attachment

How to Use the Sassy Scalloped Heart

This adorable scalloped heart would be the perfect addition to a wreath or even a wooden porch sign as an attachment. Use it for Valentine’s Day or even just as a decorative piece for a girls night. It’s so fun and sassy! I painted this several years ago on Facebook Live, if you’d like to watch the replay you can find it here!

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