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Pumpkin Stack Door Hanger

by | Aug 11, 2022

Supply List

  1. Pumpkin Stack Template OR Pumpkin Stack Door Hanger Blank
  2. one inch flat tip brush
  3. 1/4 inch flat tip brush
  4. filbert tip brush
  5. fine tip brush
  6. Paint Pens
  7. Sponge Pouncer

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Tamara painting a pumpkin stack door hanger

You might’ve seen my blog post on how I use Procreate to design door hangers. Procreate is an app for the Apple iPad that can be used in a variety of ways. It helped me decide which colors and patterns looked best on the door hanger before I actually started painting. If you’d like to learn how to use Procreate, I have a course called Procreate for Makers that will help teach the basics of Procreate. Today though we’re going to take the design I made in Procreate and bring it to life on this fun pumpkin stack!

Tamara using a pencil on her iPad to design a pumpkin stack

Paint the Background of the Pumpkins

I chose the colors White, Canyon Orange, and Sea Aqua when painting this pumpkin stack. It might not be your typical pumpkin colors, but just wait until you see how it turns out!

  • Use White paint to paint the top pumpkin.
  • Use Canyon Orange to paint the middle pumpkin.
  • Paint the bottom pumpkin using the color Sea Aqua.
  • Paint the stem using the paint color Sable Brown.
Painting the background of the door hanger white

Add Patterns to the Pumpkins

In order to make those pumpkins pop, I added various patterns to each one. I free handed each pattern, but you could use stencils if you weren’t confident in your free handing ability. I have a variety of stencils available on my website. Let’s dive right in to how we painted each one!

  • Use the color Marigold to add polka dots to middle pumpkin using a sponge pouncer.
  • Using a round tip brush and the color Laguna, add leopard print to the bottom pumpkin. You can achieve this look by creating squiggly shaped Cs across the pumpkin.
  • Using a fine tip paint brush and Black paint, create criss-cross lines on the top pumpkin.
  • Switch to a flat tip paintbrush to paint in the black diamonds.
painting leopard print on the pumpkin stack

Add Contour Lines to the Pumpkin Stack Door Hanger

Right now your door hanger still might not look like much, but these contour lines are going to make all the difference. First you’re going to need to dry everything you’ve done so far. You can use a heat gun like this one I found on Amazon on your door hanger. It’s quiet and works quickly! Then you’ll want to grab your paint pens and get started!

  • Using a black paint pen add some contour lines to the stem and bottom two pumpkins.
  • Using a white paint pen, add some contour lines to the top pumpkin and then alongside the contour lines on the pumpkins on the bottom.
Adding contour lines with a paint pen to the pumpkin stack door hanger

Ready to Learn More?

To da! Your pumpkin stack is complete, designed in Procreate and brought to life. If you’d like to learn more about using Procreate to design door hanger, be sure to sign up for my Procreate for Makers course. It’s a self-paced course that will teach you all the basics of how to work Procreate. If you’ve ever played around with Procreate before you know that it can be a bit intimidating, but now we can relieve that pressure with this course.

Did you like learning the various patterns and techniques that I used in this pumpkin stack? You can get access to different painting techniques and tips in my Painter’s Clubhouse membership. It’s a monthly membership where I teach you how to grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist. You can join now and start learning from the talented artists in our online community. We’d love to have you!

Watch the Replay

Are you more of a visual learner? You can catch the replay of this tutorial and watch the entire door hanger come to life from Procreate to our final piece. I absolutely loved painting and designing this alongside my friend Heidi. If you remake this door hanger for yourself, be sure to share it in my free Facebook Group called Door Hanger Painting Tips.

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