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Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – September 2023

by | Oct 5, 2023

What is the Painter’s Clubhouse?

I know you’ve heard me raving about my Painter’s Clubhouse membership on multiple occasions but I genuinely can’t get over how amazing this community is. The Painter’s Clubhouse is my membership group that allows you to immerse yourself in door hanger creation. It’s filled with other crafters, aspiring artists, and creative business owners just like you! Come join us and see for yourself all that this amazing space has to offer!

door hanger pinterest post

Boo Babe

Tamara holding a painted door hanger that is a ghost that says "boo"

We started the month off painting this adorable Boo Babe ghost door hanger. This was so much fun because we used 3D elements to paint the ghost and have it put together. I love how cute she is too! 

Pumpkin Napkin Art with Tracy Pounds

One thing I love about the Painter’s Clubhouse every month is bringing in guest artists to share new techniques and perspectives with us. This is such a fun thing that we do because I love learning from these guest artists as much as my PC Sisters do. I was so excited to bring in Tracy Pounds from Miss Tracy Creates to teach us how to use napkin art to decorate a pumpkin. This technique was so much fun to learn and I can’t wait to see how members will use this to incorporate into their door hangers and decorating. 

Haunted House Globe

Tamara holding the Haunted House Globe door hanger

This door hanger was definitely a challenge, but so worth it! We did lots of artistic brushstrokes and shading on this one, most of the detail work is done with a small round tip brush, then we added some sparkle with Stickles gel. After the live, I ended up, adding some enchanted shimmer and violet to the sky and grass. I love how this fun door hanger turned out!

Kids Zoom with Charlie

Every month we do a Zoom meeting where we come together to just chat and have a paint party. For September we did something a little different. We hosted a Kids Pumpkin Paint Party with Charlie and various kids were able to join whose parents or grandparents are members of the Painter’s Clubhouse. It was such a fun time and Charlie really enjoyed being able to paint with other kids in this space. They painted these adorable pumpkins! I am so proud of her for her courage to show up and lead others through this Zoom call. 

See What Our Members are Painting

There are so many talented PC Sisters that are part of our Painter’s Clubhouse membership and I just have to show off some of their beautiful work. One of the really great things about the Painter’s Clubhouse is the community that it provides. With so many talented artists, you can find inspiration and encouragement from PC Sisters in the group! 

Artist: Susan Delaney
Artist: Stacy Glenn
Artist – Norma Miller
Artist – Linda Albano
Artist: Delane Cammerisi
Artist: Denice White
Artist: Jacqueline Young
Artist – Gina Peoples
Artist: Vicki Green

Looking Ahead to October

Wondering what designs are coming up in the Painter’s Clubhouse this month? Well let me show you! We are featuring guest artist Heidi Easley for a Frost Couple door hanger. Then we will be doing the Fall Mum REMIX and Happy Harves door hangers. It’s going to be such a great month together!

door hanger designs being painted in the painter's clubhouse in october

Come Join Us in the Painter’s Clubhouse!

Are you ready to join us in The Painter’s Clubhouse? You can join this amazing community by signing up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and becoming a PC Sister for yourself right now! If you’re ready to gain confidence as a painter and grow your skills then this membership is for you! I’d love to see you soon in the Painter’s Clubhouse! 

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