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Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – June 2022

by | Jul 7, 2022

three door hangers with their artists

What is Painter’s Clubhouse?

That’s a wrap on our June calendar in Painter’s Clubhouse! If you’ve never heard of it, Painter’s Clubhouse is an online monthly membership that helps people grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist. Members get access to exclusive techniques and tutorials taught by me and guest artists that I bring in. If you’d really like to dive into what Painter’s Clubhouse is, I encourage you to check out my blog post, What is Painter’s Clubhouse? In the meantime, let’s dive right in to a recap of what we did last month in the Painter’s Clubhouse

LOVE USA Door Hanger

Tamara Bennett holding a patriotic door hanger

This LOVE USA Remix was so fun! We painted it together in the Painter’s Clubhouse this month and had some happy accidents along the way and we learned a thing or two! This tutorial featured techniques like how to use a glazing medium to create a vintage look, how to make hollow polkadots and how to clean up a small mistake with just a damp brush. See how some of our Painter’s Clubhouse members painted this piece below! 

LOVE USA Door Hanger on Patriotic background
Artist: Susan Hines
LOVE USA door hanger on patriotic background
Artist: Lisa Cato
Artist: Wanda Hileman
Artist: Wanda Hileman


Watermelon Welcome Door Hanger

Rachel Gaitin of Rachel’s Crafty Corner was our guest artist in Painter’s Clubhouse this month! She painted this beautiful Watermelon Welcome door hanger. Seeing the new guest artists every month teach new techniques and designs is one of my favorite things about the Painter’s Clubhouse. You get to learn from other talented artists and see how they paint! See some of the talented artists’ remakes of this door hanger below! 

Welcome door hanger with watermelons along edge and bow
Artist: Gina Chambers
door hanger with watermelons along edge that reads "welcome friends"
Artist: Lynn Dickerson
"welcome friends" door hanger with watermelon slices along the edge
Artist: Hannah Matthews


Life is Better by the Pool Door Hanger

Tamara holding a Door Hanger that reads "Life is Better by the Pool" with swimsuits on a clothesline

This door hanger design was so fun to paint with Painter’s Clubhouse in June and perfect for the hot summer days we are experiencing in Kentucky. Have a pool house or a back door that leads to the pool? How cute would this door hanger be placed there? Check out some of the artistic remixes of this door hanger below! 

Artist: Hannah Matthews
Artist: Hannah Matthews
Life is Better By the Pool Door Hanger
Artist: Lisa Cato
Baby Blue round door hanger that reads "life is better by the pool" with swimsuits on it
Artist: Debbie Hendrix
Life is Better By the pool door hanger with clothesline and swimsuits
Artist: Denice White


Don’t Miss Out, Join Painter’s Clubhouse!

That’s a wrap on the month of June in the Painter’s Clubhouse. We’re so excited to see what next month has in store for our members! If you want in on the fun, join the Painter’s Clubhouse Waitlist now and be the first to know about when enrollment opens back up!


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