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Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – July 2022

by | Aug 8, 2022

Curious About Painter’s Clubhouse?

We just wrapped up our July calendar in Painter’s Clubhouse! I’m sure you’ve heard of it, Painter’s Clubhouse is my online monthly membership with access to exclusive techniques and tutorials taught by me and guest artists that I bring in. We strive to help people grow from a beginner painter to a confident artist. If you’d really like to dive into what Painter’s Clubhouse is, I encourage you to check out my blog post, What is Painter’s Clubhouse? In the meantime, let’s recap what we did last month in the Painter’s Clubhouse

Difference Maker Door Hanger

Teachers make all the difference in our kids and, with school starting soon, this Difference Maker Door Hanger was the perfect project for Painter’s Clubhouse this month! I love the bright colors and think it would be perfect to gift to your child’s teacher or to hang in a classroom of your own. A couple of Painter’s Clubhouse members painted this design for themselves, see how they did below! 

Door Hanger Painted as a Notebook
Artist: Lauren Martin
Notebook door hanger that reads "difference maker"
Artist: Susan Lawrence


Galvanized Home with Floral

Tammy Tolly with a galvanized HOme door hanger

Our guest artist this month was Tammy Tolly from It’s Scrapicated LLC. She taught a really cool interchangeable HOME door hanger on galvanized steel using magnets and fun attachments. It is so much fun learning from guest artists the different techniques they use when painting door hangers. See how Hannah Matthews remade this door hanger below!

Home Galvanized Metal Door Hanger
Artist: Hannah Matthews

Freshly Squeezed REMIX Door Hanger

Tamara holding the Freshly Squeezed Remix door hanger

I recently started painting Remixes in Painter’s Clubhouse and it has been so fun! I take an older design and remake it into something else. This one turned out so cute and I loved seeing how some of my PC Sisters remixed this design for themselves. 

Freshly Squeezed sunshine door hanger
Artist: Chellsee Arneson
Freshly Squeezed Sunshine Painter's Clubhouse Door Hanger
Artist: Hannah Matthews
Painter's Clubhouse Door Hanger Design
Artist: Blair Saba


Join in On the Fun!

That’s a wrap on the month of July in the Painter’s Clubhouse. We’re so excited to paint with our fellow PC Sisters and see what next month has in store for our members! If you want in on this amazing community then sign up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and become a PC Sister for yourself! You will be met with a community of talented artists that are sure to inspire and encourage you as you begin your journey from a beginner painter to a confident artist!


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