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Painter’s Clubhouse Recap – January 2023

by | Feb 23, 2023

projects from Painter's Clubhouse in January

All The Love in Painter’s Clubhouse

January was such a fun month in Painter’s Clubhouse! There were three tutorials featuring a variety of  designs perfect for love. I love inviting talented guests in to teach tutorials in my membership and in January, we had Christie Hawkins of The Social Easel. She is very talented! Let’s dive right into a recap of what we’ve been doing!

Heart Wreath REMIX

Tamara holding the heart wreath door hanger

Every month we have a tutorial that I call a Remix in the Painter’s Clubhouse. This is a tutorial where we take an older door hanger template and revamp it into something new. It’s so much fun to look at these designs in a new way to come up with something new. I love how this Heart Wreath turned out, the different patterns make it so much fun and perfect for a girl’s night or Galentine’s event! 

PS I Love You

One of my favorite things we do in the Painter’s Clubhouse is invite guest artists in to teach us how to paint a door hanger or new technique. I have been painting door hangers since 2016 and I still learn something from the guests every time they pop in. My friend Christie Hawkins of The Social Easel painted this beautiful door hanger with our members. I love how it turned out! I’ve seen some talented members even remake this project for themselves with a different saying so that it’s ready for Spring. The colors are perfect for that transition!

Valentine Bubblegum Machine

Tamara holding a door hanger that is a bubblegum machine filled with hearts

Ya’ll, this Valentine Bubblegum Machine was so much fun to paint with my PC Sisters. It’s definitely a twist on a typical Valentine’s Day door hanger, but I think it is so much fun! There was lots of shading involved for the hearts inside, and, of course, I couldn’t help but to polka dot the machine itself. I’m thinking one for every holiday would be so much fun! 

See What Our Members are Painting

I want to show off some projects that our Painter’s Clubhouse members have painted recently! Our Painter’s Clubhouse membership is filled with a lot of talent and I love seeing that play out. It’s such a joy to watch our members’ skills and confidence grow. I learn so much from them! 

Artist: Miranda Pitts
Artist: Jennifer Miller
Artist: Annette Hand
Artist: Deborah Webster
Artist: Emily Hunter
Artist: Denice White
Artist: Anita Bell
Artist: Paige Parker
Artist: Linda Helser

Come Join Us in the Painter’s Clubhouse!

That’s a wrap on the month of January in the Painter’s Clubhouse. If you want in on this amazing community then sign up to join the Painter’s Clubhouse and become a PC Sister for yourself! This membership is truly a blessing as we learn and encourage one another in painting and life!


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