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Paint Pouring on Ornaments

by | Dec 7, 2021

Supply List

  1. Small Cup for Pouring Paint
  2. Clear Ornaments
  3. Ribbons (if you’d like to add a bow)
  4. Lid of an Egg Carton
  5. Bamboo Skewers

Fluid Art Ready-to-Pour Paint Colors:

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paint pour ornaments pinterest graphic

Setting Up Your Workspace

This project would be so much fun to do with the kiddos when they’re home for Christmas break. With the right setup, clean up will be a breeze! I’ll admit, trying to figure out how to paint pour on these ornaments was a little tricky, but I found a quick fix to get the job done. All you need is an egg carton lid and some bamboo skewers. Poke the skewers into the egg carton lid then put the clear ornaments on to skewers. This little hack will keep you from fighting with your ornaments as they roll and you try to pour as well as making clean up a breeze.

Fluid-Art-Ready to Pour Paints

DecoArt Ready-To-Pour Paints on Christmas Ornaments

The first ornament I created, I used white, gold, emerald green, and aquamarine ready-to-pour paint colors. Then, using metallic gold, white, and fuchsia ready-to-pour paints, I created my second ornament. Start by pouring the paints in a small cup. The paint that you pour in the bottom of the cup is typically the paint that shows the most on your ornament. Don’t stir your paints, just pour directly onto the top of your ornament and let the paint fall down the ornament.

Tamara Bennett Paint Pouring on Ornaments

Next, I used the colors navy, gold, and white to the cup to create the next ornament’s look. I added a little more gold and white after I poured the paint on the ornament. I just added the colors to my cup and poured again.

Finally, I added gold, coral, mint, teal, white, and a drop of navy paint into the cup to pour on the final ornament.

Let’s Add a Bow

If you saw me paint these ornaments on Facebook Live, you might’ve also seen the followup video where we added bows to our ornaments once they were dry. I think the leopard and gold glitter bows I added were such a fun, unique touch! You don’t have to add a bow to your paint poured ornaments, but if you have some scrap ribbon laying around, I highly recommend it!

Christmas Ornaments with Bows

Catch the Replay

This was such a fun alternative to the door hangers I typically paint on my Facebook every Tuesday. These ornaments are so fun because even if you use the same ready-to-pour paint colors, no two ornaments will be alike! In case you missed the Facebook Live, you can catch the replay below. Let me know if you make these adorable paint pour Christmas ornaments by tagging me in your project on Instagram @southern_adoornments_decor. I’d love to see how yours turn out! 

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