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Oops! How to Fix a Paint Smudge When You’re Sealing Your Door Hanger

by | Jul 10, 2020

Have you ever been sealing a door hanger and this happens? Where just a moment ago there was a perfectly painted door hanger, there is now a smudge. Because you tried to seal it when it was still wet. But don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to fix a paint smudge that happens when you’re sealing your door hanger. 

This may be the one time that I don’t agree with Bob Ross. A smudged door hanger is not a happy accident. Especially when it’s the smile on a sassy pineapple that I just painted! But it can be fixed quickly and easily by following a few simple steps. 

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A Simple Tool for a Simple Fix

The star of this craft hack is none other than baby wipes! As every mom knows, they’re for more than just wiping baby bottoms. But did you know they are a great tool to have handy while painting door hangers? I use them often to wipe up excess paint if I get a little carried away with a brush stroke and go outside the lines. My favorites, which work well and are a great value, can be found here in my Amazon store.  

Using baby wipes to fix craft paint on painted wooden door hanger by Southern A-DOOR-nments

While the sealant is still wet, take the baby wipe and wipe up your mistake. I like to start with a corner of the wipe and use my pointer finger to direct me. Make sure you get all the excess paint off, right up to the edges of your design. Keep working until it looks as good as new. It shouldn’t take more than a minute. 

How’s that for a valuable crafting hack? Baby wipes for the win!

Sealing Your Door Hanger, Take Two

Once your door hanger is looking good as new, the next step is to …


As in wait for it to dry. Thoroughly. Once you’re sure it’s dry, go ahead and seal it again. I used DecoArt’s DuraClear varnish.

If you’re unsure about which sealant to use when sealing your door hangers, check out this blog post where I tell you all about it. And show you my two favorite sealing options for door hangers! 

DuraClear Gloss Varnish Fix Door Hanger Smudged Paint by Southern A-DOOR-nments

A Video Tutorial for Fixing Your Paint Smudge:

Take a peek at this quick little video tutorial I made! You can see exactly how I fix the smudge in my pineapple door hanger as I’m sealing it. Watch each of the step-by-step directions – it really is that easy!

Paint Your Own Sassy Pineapple Door Hanger

Now our sassy pineapple door hanger is as good as new. No one would ever know that her sweet smile had ever been smudged. 

If you’d like to paint this sassy pineapple door hanger yourself, you can find her in my online shop. She’s available as a wooden blank or a template and digital cut file. 

If you’re new to painting door hangers and need some tips on how to get started, head to my great new blog post that I wrote for beginners!

And make sure you check out my recent blog post where I show you step-by-step of how I painted mine, including a video tutorial!

And if you’re wondering whether to order a blank or a template, check out this blog post where I explain the difference. 

Painted Pineapple Sassy Door Hanger for Summer by Southern A-DOOR-nments

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