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Meet The New and Improved Southern Adoornments Decor

by | Mar 7, 2024

For the last few months, my team and I have been hard at work sprucing things up! We’ve compiled feedback you’ve given us on all things door hangers, thought through it long and hard, and decided…it was time to give Southern Adoornments Decor a refresh!

And what BETTER time to launch it than the start of Spring? With all the spring-cleaning energy hanging around, it seemed like now was the perfect time to unveil what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. 

Plus, my birthday falls at the beginning of March (March 6th to be exact!), so it was too fitting not to!

Anyways…what’s this refresh I’m talking about? 

Say hello to the brand new Southern Adoornments Decor brand and website!

Bringing in a new era…with style!

When it comes to our branding, we LOVE all the fun colors and patterns that make it our own. It helps inspire creativity, inspiration, and of course…plenty of painting too!

However, it’s been a while since we first put it all together. And as the business continues to grow, we felt like it would be a great time to give things a new look and feel to usher in a new era!

Peep the new designs on the left and old designs on the right!

Painter's Clubhouse logo

Our Previous Website Homepage!

Getting the door hanger resources you need just got a whole lot easier

Not only was it time for a brand update, but a website update too! As a business grows, there’s so much to keep track of and stay on top of. But in the midst of making sure things are running smoothly, it’s really easy to forget about your website!

However, things have grown since we first launched this website back in 2020. We have added dozens of blog posts, we’ve updated our brand colors and images and have some exciting new freebies to offer!

So, with that in mind, we knew it was time to reorganize some things. 

You’ll notice mainly that the navigation is easier to walk through. It’s much faster now to get what you’re looking for from the shop.

And honestly, I can’t think of anything better than getting the door-hanger resources you need at lightning speed. Amazing!

Our Brand New Website Homepage!

Updates to our memberships

We also improved the ease of use for all of our members! The Template Club and The Painter’s Clubhouse are an integral part of what we do here at Southern Adoornments Decor, and we want our members to have the BEST experience possible. 

So, we have improved and streamlined our login page, updated the look and feel of our Painter’s Clubhouse member library and added some new free resources.

 I can’t wait to paint with you this year!

All in all, this website and brand revamp has been nothing short of fun! And I am so excited to see how it all plays out, and better serves you, in 2024. Thank you for being here, friends. I can’t wait to paint with you this year!

But that’s not all…

What would a big reveal be without a little something to help celebrate, too? 

From March 7th to March 10th, we’re hosting a Southern Adoornments Decor birthday bash! And you’re invited!

We’ve got some pretty big deals for you, like…




You can grab all the door hanger templates and wood blanks you’ve had on your wishlist! Whatever you want to create, there’s something here for you. 


Door Hangers for Beginners

A 5-part video series that will teach you how to create your own door hangers, step-by-step. Perfect for beginners and newbies alike!


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