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Friday Fab Five Favorites of 2022

by | Jan 27, 2023

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If you follow along with my YouTube channel or Facebook page then you’ve probably seen one of my Friday Fab Five Live Videos. During Friday Fab Five, I always share five new items that I am loving from that week in addition to the new template releases from that morning! It’s so much fun to just hop on at 9:30 AM Central every Friday to kick off my weekend with you guys. Today, I’m going to share my Friday Fab Five Favorites (whoa, try saying that five times fast!) of 2022! This features the items that you all purchased and loved the most this year, let’s dive right in!

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1. Artistro Acrylic Paint Markers

acrylic markers artistro craft

First up on the list are the Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens! I came across this brand of paint pens this year and haven’t looked back. I’ve tried a ton of the Artistro products and they’re all great but I absolutely love their Acrylic Paint Pens! Whether you need to add lettering to a door hanger or add highlights or outlines to your finished product, these paint pens are a staple to keep on hand in your craft room. Also, if you purchase from Amazon you can use the code TAMARABEN10 to get 10% off the entire Artistro catalogue on Amazon! 

2. Carbon Paper

carbon paper used to trace templates

If you’re cutting your own door hanger or even getting door hanger blanks that you frequently add designs to you are probably familiar with carbon paper. Carbon paper allows you to transfer your design from a template onto the wood. It is so convenient!

3. Ranger Ink Heat it Craft Tool

Ranger Ink Heat it Craft Tool

If you’ve been watching my Tuesday Facebook Lives for a while you might remember when I dried door hangers with a hair dryer! It was so loud and I’d have to stop talking in the middle of my Facebook Lives while I waited for the paint to dry with the hair dryer. Thankfully, those are days of the past now with this Heat It Craft Tool, you’ve probably heard me refer to it as a “heat gun.” It is so quiet and really helps my paint dry more quickly. Plus, I don’t have to stop talking while I use it on Facebook Live! If you’re looking for a tool that will quietly dry the paint on your door hanger you’re definitely going to want to snag this heat gun!

4. Sponge Pouncer

sponge pouncer

A hot Friday Fab Five item last year was Sponger Pouncers, and honestly, need I say more? I literally love sponge pouncers and use them so often. If it’s got polka dots then the sponge pouncers were for sure used. Sponge pouncers are the easiest way to add polka dots to any door hanger or craft projects and they come in a variety of sizes too! Be sure to add this crafting staple to your supplies.

5. Silicone Ice Cube Tray

silicone ice tray for craft supplies

Y’all the silicone ice cube tray might be another one of my favorite finds this year! It makes for a reusable paint palette that is super easy to clean. If you purchase an ice cube tray with a lid, it’s even more handy! A lid keeps the paint from drying up and allows you to pause in the middle of a project or to save some paint if you pour too much out. It’s such a handy tool to keep in the craft room when it comes to painting.

Watch My Friday Fab Fives Live

If you don’t already, be sure to follow along with my YouTube channel or Facebook page so you can catch my Friday Fab Five Live Videos. I go live every Friday at 9:30 AM and share my favorites for the week as well as the new template releases from that morning. I hope you’ll join me there!


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