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Floral Farm Animal Door Hangers

by | Jun 3, 2020

Tamara Bennett with Painted Floral Cow Farm Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

Farmhouse style decor is very chic these days. And for good reason – farmhouse style is homey. It’s comfortable. It’s lived-in. And in the case of our floral farm animal door hangers – it’s just plain irresistible! Come along with me as I introduce you to some of my favorite farm animals turned floral farm animal door hangers. The only challenge y’all are going to have is deciding which one to paint and display on your front door first!  

For each door hanger, I’ll post a link to my shop where you’ll find a wooden blank that you can order and have shipped to your house, ready to paint. Or, a printable template and digital cut file that you can use with PDF, SVG, etc to cut your own door hanger right at home! (Not sure what the difference is between them? Check out my blog post that explains all about it!)

And, don’t forget that in my shop, you can choose the size! I’m showing most of these here as full-size door hangers, but make sure to check out the smaller sized horse being painted by a young artist! It’s perfect for an art project for kids or a painting party!

It’s a Horse, of Course

Meet the first of our floral farm animal door hangers.

There’s a line in a song from a very old tv show that says, “A horse is a horse, of course, of course,” that makes horses sound almost ordinary. But this isn’t just any horse.

Whether it’s her longer-than-long eyelashes, or the crown of flowers she wears, there is something endearing about this house. She’s sweet and would be the perfect centerpiece of your front door decor.  

You can find the ready to paint blank in our online store. If you prefer to cut your own door hangers, the digital template can be found in the store as well. 

Y’all ask me often about my favorite paints and painting supplies. Americana paints are my perfect paints, with a huge array of gorgeous colors. And visit my Amazon store for my favorite brushes, tools, and more!

Sweet Horse Floral Door Hanger from Flower Farm Animals by Southern ADOORnments
Kids Painting Wooden Floral Horse Sign

Smaller Door Hangers

Our door hangers come in sizes smaller than the 20″ size that may be hanging on your front door right now. This adorable artist is painting the floral horse as a 12″ door hanger. This size is just right for an art project for kids. Can’t you just see this hanging on the bedroom door of a horse crazy girl?!

Smaller door hangers are also the perfect size for paint parties, for kids or adults. Whether you’re looking for a fun mom’s night out or birthday party, a paint party is a great choice – and so are these 12″ door hangers. 

Pig Perfection

What could be more perfect than this plump, pink pig with flowers in her hair? 

Stay tuned for a future post where I will tell you all about how I painted this pig! 

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to get started painting a piggy of your very own, you can find the blank and the template here in our online store. And if you’d rather buy a pig door hanger that’s already painted and ready to hang, we have that for you in the store, too! 

For more practice painting flowers, check out this blog post where I added painted flowers to a cowboy boot door hanger. Because a good pair of boots is a must-have when you’re on the farm! 

If you’re just getting started painting door hangers, check out our blog post for beginners. It’s filled with lots of information and creative tips for the beginner learning to paint.

Cute Painted Pig Door Hanger with Flowers

Aren’t Cow Door Hangers Simply Moo-velous?!

I recently painted this lovely lady on Facebook Live. During the live, I shared some tips  for shading and painting flowers. Does her crown bouquet look lovely?! 

This design has been a hot seller this week! You can get the template, etched blank, or even the painted door hanger in my shop! 

I paint every week on the Southern A-Doorn-ments Facebook page. Make sure to follow me there so you don’t miss any of the fun! 

If you’re new around here and just learning about door hangers, you have to checkout my recent blog post! I discuss various techniques and supplies to help get you started. So head over there and learn all about painting. 

Chickens and Llamas, Oh my!

Painted Floral Chicken Hen Door Hanger

I tried to choose a favorite between the chicken and the llama, but I just couldn’t. And if you can’t either, don’t worry! Both are available in our online store.

You’ll find the template, the ready-to-paint blank, and even the painted door chicken door hanger in our online store. 

When is it not the right time to show a little llama love? In this blog post, I painted a different llama door hanger in honor of Valentine’s day. This cutie is perfect any day of the year. Check out our online store for the digital template or ready to paint blank.  

Floral Llama Painted Door Hanger

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Learn to paint Floral Farm Animal Wooden Door Hangers

Free Stuff!

So today was all about farm animals. But I also wanted to talk to you about my FREE template library. It’s a library filled with FREE templates of some of our most fun and most favorite door hangers.

But that’s not all! For each template, there is a FREE video tutorial you can watch where I teach you how to paint that door hanger. And there you can also purchase a blank door hanger if you are not quite ready to cut your own.

To get your hands on all of this FREE door hanger magic, click here. 

Ready to Sell Your Door Hangers? I’m Here to Help!

If you’ve been painting door hangers awhile, have you thought about selling them? Do you have friends and family asking if they can buy some of your creations? Are you starting to think you just might be able to turn your love of painting door hangers into a business, but you don’t know where to start?

Guess what? I can help! I wrote a book – an eBook – in which I guide you through the steps needed to sell your first door hanger. And I give you hints and tips that will allow you to sell many, many more! Check it out in our online store here

How to Sell Door Hangers Business eBook Tutorial


Door Hangers for Beginners

A 5-part video series that will teach you how to create your own door hangers, step-by-step. Perfect for beginners and newbies alike!

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