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DIY Desk Island for Your Craft Room

by | Feb 14, 2023

Since you’re here on my page, I’m going to guess that you spend a lot of your time crafting and working on projects. And so you probably know how important it is to have a dedicated space for doing your craft projects. Not to mention having space to store your craft supplies and keep your materials organized! Well, this DIY craft desk is an easy weekend project that can give you both!

Supply List

  1. 3 – Closet-Maid 9-Cube Organizer Shelves
  2. Organizing Cube Bins (Also available in Foldable Cube Bins)
  3. Band-It Iron On Veneer Edging 
  4. Iron
  5. Quarter Inch Plywood
  6. White Melamine Board (4’x8′ sheet)

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Make this DIY Crafting Desk in a Weekend!

This is the ultimate DIY craft desk! Super affordable and easy for anyone to make! No painting required! It was made using 3 ClosetMaid 9-Cube Organizers from Walmart and 1 (4’x8’) sheet of white Melamine board from Lowes.

Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

First, assemble the 9-Cube Organizers using instructions provided in the box. Then set them up in a U shape. Measure the width and length you’d need for your table top. Mine is 36”x59”. Use a circular saw to cut your Melamine down to size.

Unfinished Edge Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

Then seal up the raw edges of the melamine using Melamine Veneer Edging. This activates the glue and seals it to the right edge of the board. We used a hot iron and towel to heat up the edging. The veneer edging not only gives it a more finished look, but it also helps protect against chipping and water damage along the edges. 

Melamine Veneer Edging for Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project
Veneer Edge for Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project
Ironing Veneer Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

Finishing the Desk Base

Now you can set your melamine on top of your 9-Cube Organizers. Then using 1 inch screws, attach the table top to the organizer by screwing from the underside of the tabletop. For extra stability, you can also attach the Cube Organizers to each other, but you must do it carefully since you’re not working with real wood, but particle board.

Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

Now for the Cubbies and Shelves!

For the interior part of the desk, you can either use the chipboard pieces that come with the organizers or you can do like I did and get a thin sheet of quarter inch plywood and cut it to fit the back of each unit. I painted the plywood white and attached it using small tack nails.

Storage Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project
Underneath Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

I preferred to have a couple of shelves open on both sides for passing through baskets while sitting at the desk. As you can see, I’ve already gotten paint on the back wall and underside of the desk. Not even sure how that happened! But you never know where all the paint will end up when you’re painting door hangers!

2 Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

As you can see, I didn’t waste anytime in filling the shelves, bins, and cubbies with my craft supplies! And I have my favorite camera gear ready for filming my facebook live sessions on my new desk. In fact, if you follow me on facebook, you have probably already seen my desk in action in my latest videos! It’s a great space for painting and organizing. And if you make a mess, no big deal! It’s easy to clean lots of smudges and wet paint off with a baby wipe:

Clean Up Easy DIY Craft Room Desk Island Project

Now you have an easy weekend project for the new year! Get yourself organized and get ready to keep painting those door hangers!

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  1. Barbara Sauta

    I’m going to try to build this island! Love it! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. chantelle

    Yeah.. And I am doing it lol. Thanks!

  3. Donna

    I really like you craft island…I would like to do something similar…I really like the idea of leaving some of the shelving open so as to reach from where you are sitting!

  4. edith yasso

    Love this idea! I wonder where the cords for lights, glue guns, etc are located. My work table is in the center of the room and I constantly trip over extension cords!

  5. Laura

    How sturdy is this? I would be using it sometimes with my sewing machine and wondering if it would shake?

    • Tamara Bennett

      It’s very sturdy!

  6. Arne Mallow

    where did you get the paint basket with the rooster on top?

    • Sara Brent

      From a local farm supply store.


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