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Using the Glowforge in Your Business

by | Jun 10, 2021

I understand that when you make the leap to purchase a Glowforge, you’ve made a large investment in your business. By knowing the types of products you plan to make with your Glowforge, you will have an idea of how quickly your machine will be able to pay for itself. While I’m only discussing a few products that can be made with your Glowforge, the possibilities are endless. Today I’m sticking to wooden products, so let’s dive right in!

What To Make with The Glowforge Pro:

1. Door Hangers

2. Attachments for Door Hangers or Wreaths

3. Tiered Tray Decor

4. Laser Cut Ornaments

5. Wooden Puzzles

Door Hangers

The most obvious thing that you can make with your Glowforge Pro would be door hangers. I use my Glowforge Pro to cut all the door hangers that I paint in my Facebook live videos every Tuesday. While it might take a while to cut door hangers in bulk, you could still use your Glowforge to cut blank door hangers. You could sell those door hangers painted or blank so that the customer can create the door hanger themselves.

Tamara with GlowForge Letter Cut Out

Attachments for Door Hangers or Wreaths

If you’re looking for smaller items to cut with your Glowforge, attachments to add to door hangers or wreaths are a great option. These items don’t take as long as a larger door hanger to cut and you can cut multiple of these items at once, meaning bulk orders are more manageable.

Tiered Tray Decor

I don’t know if you’ve seen the tiered trays going around Instagram that people change for every season, but there are some adorable little tray sitters that you can cut on your Glowforge and sell. Many people sell the tiered tray decor in sets so that the customer can purchase an entire set to decorate their tiered tray for that season. I have attached some cute cut files I found on Etsy for tiered trays here:

Laser Cut Ornaments

Ornaments are so popular leading up to Christmas time, and might even be something that you could offer as wholesale to local boutiques and gift shops. Perhaps a state ornament painted with various features of your state, the ornament options are endless. You could offer these laser cut ornaments blank or have them painted and ready to gift!

Wooden Puzzles

Have you seen those wooden name puzzles that are often painted and given to kids as they learn their names? Well now, if you have a Glowforge you can make one yourself. This might be one of my favorite ways to use the Glowforge Pro. These are great to market as gifts for toddlers or baby nurseries and can be customized in any color that a customer chooses.

Versatility with the Glowforge and Your Business

Using the Glowforge in your business offers versatility as you can cut wood, paper, acrylic, and even leather with it. You could make wooden name puzzles, leather earrings, engraved acrylics, cake topper cut outs, and so much more! The opportunities really are endless. If you decide to take the plunge and purchase a Glowforge Pro, be sure to shop my link and save $500. I can’t wait to see what you make! 


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